8 Best hunting tree saddle – Versatility of tree saddles

Best hunting tree saddle

Using any of the best hunting tree saddle for deer, elk or turkey hunting is another form of hunting you might want to give a trial. It gives a different feel to hunting on the ground, and it is more adventurous than using a tree stand.

Every dedicated tree hunting fanatic can tell the benefits of tree saddle hunting. It is why we choose to share with you all that you need to know about hunting with tree saddle.

What is tree saddle hunting?

Tree saddle hunting is a generic name given to a form of hunting that allows the use of strap – on device which allow you to be suspended on a tree. The strap should be attached around your waist while the other part of the strap is attached to the tree.

The strap allows you to suspend yourself thereby allowing you to rest on the tree with your feet. With this, you can move in any direction to shoot at your target.

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Is tree saddle hunting right for you?

Best hunting tree saddle

Before you go into saddle hunting, there are things you need to think about carefully.

Can you give attention to the details?

Saddle hunting goes beyond the fun and excitement derived as the whole adventure can turn to hell if you fail to give attention to details. You should carefully check and inspect the strap to ensure it has no sign of wear or tear which is the first safety measure to consider.

Are you willing to learn?

No one is an expert in a day, but consistent practice takes one to that peak. Saddle hunting requires getting familiar with the equipment and learning how to use it.

It as well involves learning different positions, how to select trees, and shooting techniques for you to master the system.

These are essential factors to consider before you claim to be fit for saddle hunting. Also, there are benefits you get from saddle hunting, but i will discuss that shortly after sharing with you some of the best tree saddle hunting straps that you can consider.

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Best saddle hunting tree strap reviews – research picked saddle strap by experts

1. Notch Sentinel Harness

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If you are in search for one of the ergonomic saddles for hunting, then you should consider Notch Sentinel Harness. It comes with a touch of green on the black design which makes it attractive and quite difficult to resist.

Some customers have complained about the saddle harness, and that is because they fail to choose the right size. The saddle hunting strap comes with different sizes, and you need to choose the right one for you to get the best performance you desire.

Irrespective of your level of expertise with saddle hunting, Notch Sentinel Harness is, and you can be assured of your safety while on the tree. It is better than using a tree stand as it gives you the platform to move quickly and it is comfy to keep you comfortable.

Also, the Notch Sentinel Harness is constructed with the aim to ensure users enjoy the best of it which is why it is made from light-weighted materials. Well, you can choose to enjoy my own choice with theĀ YXGOOD Treestand Harness.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable for a perfect fit
  • User-friendly
  • Comfortable and easy to customize to suit your style of hunting


  • Fairly expensive

2. kissloves Full Body Safety Harness

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Anyone looking for a universal and versatile safety harness that can be used for tree climbing, demolition, fire rescue, rock climbing, outward band, and some other outdoor activity. It is a reliable one to consider for saddle hunting.

The hunting saddle safety harness is CE, and it comes with a perfect fit specification for different sizes which you need to look into before choosing. It is made from quick-dry nylon webbing, high-quality sewing thread which makes it durable and safe to use.

The construction of the safety harness comes with traditional buckle, waist belt, and leg loop both lined with breathable mesh to ensure it is comfortable to use and the design helps to distribute pressure as a means to keep you comfortable.


  • Back and leg comfort padding
  • Waist support with a waist belt
  • Leg loop with doubled straps
  • Comfortable


  • It has no significant setback

3. Sequoia, Tree Care Seat Harness

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The next we have on our list is called Sequoia, Tree Care Seat Harness a product of PETZL. The seat harness for saddle hunting design integrates seven pre-shaped equipment loops with a protective sheath, two retainers for a caribiner to hold chainsaw or handsaw, and five slots of the caritool holder.

The saddle hunting seat harness is built for comfort as it comes with semi-rigid, wide waistbelt and leg loops for better tree stand to a position. For extra comfort, the safety harness has sculpted and lined with perforated foam to ensure you are safe during suspension on the tree.

Also, the strap has foam on the leg loop which can be adjusted to have a perfect positioning whenever you are on the tree. It has a mobile side attachment which enhances movement. Furthermore, the safety harness is safe to use even when using hunting gloves.


  • The waist belt and leg loop for safety
  • Easy to readjust
  • Compatible to use with gloves
  • Comfy and safe to use


It has no significant setback


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Every tree climber needs a reliable seat harness to ensure they have an excellent performance while hunting. One of the best to consider is the tree access Evo seat harness. It has all it takes to meet with your demand for saddle hunting.

The construction of the seat harness incorporates innovative mobile bridge system from 10.5 mm semi-static rope covered with tubular webbing for durability. Also, it has two loops right on the bridge to help you have a better positioning.

It has adjustability connection which helps to you adjust the seat harness to have a better positioning. As part of the construction, the waist belt and leg loops are made of ergonomic thermoformed padding which helps to offer great support to anyone.


  • Perfect for saddle hunting
  • Comfy and safe to use
  • Durable with adjustability options
  • Extra padding for great comfort


  • No significant setback.

5. Tree saddle Weaver Leather Weaver Arborist Saddle

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If you are a real fanatic of tree saddle hunting and you are in search for a quality tree daddle, the Tree saddle Weaver Leather Weaver Arborist Saddle is the right choice for you. The tree saddle is durable and comfortable to use for anyone.

The design of the tree saddle is fantastic as it is made of high-quality materials without leaving out comfort for the users. It has padded foam on the leg strap for you to remain comfortable while hanging on a tree.

It has an adjustable waist with a loop belt to ensure you can have a comfort fit. With it, you can hang on the tree at any angle to aim at your target. It can be used for full applications aside for tree saddle hunting as you can use for rock climbing and many more.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Safe to use
  • Adjustable and versatile for all kind of tree climbing adventure


  • It has no significant setback

6. Buckingham Wide Back Saddle

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With few numbers of versatile tree saddle in the market, the Buckingham Wide Back Saddle is one you should choose to meet your hunting need. The saddle harness safety can be used for climbing rock, climbing tree, and some other outdoor activities.

The safety harness kit comes with five rings which makes it an excellent tool for people to work efficiently on the tree while they float. It allows smooth movement on the tree, and it keeps the user’s mind at rest to ensure there is no casualty.

The design integrates strong waist widen and thicken waist pad that is made from breathable foam to ensure that the user is safe and comfortable for as long they remain on the tree hunting.


  • Convenient to use for tree hunting
  • Comfy and safe to use
  • Lightweight and portable


  • It has no significant setback

7. HUAWELL Tree Climber Set

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You love to hide on the tree while you hunt to catch the animals unaware, you should consider having one of the saddles for hunting and one to consider is the HUAWELL Tree Climber Set. The tree climbing device is a dynamic style of saddle that is reliable and safe to use for anyone.

It comes with high-grade climber pads which offer maximum comfort to anyone using it either for short time hunting or extended period. The design integrates Noeprene nylon straps to ensure it last longer and serve you well.

Using the tree climber is easier to do if you can carefully follow the instruction and guideline given by the manufacturer. It boasts of steel split ring which helps to secure the ankle strap and serves as a foot support.

The safety belt that comes with it gives you al round support and protection which means you can move to any angle on the tree while trying to get a perfect shot at your target.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Safe to use
  • Ideal for practice


  • Not to be used for serious hunting
  • Can only be considered for training and practice
  • A lot of things are not right with the design

8. Summit Treestands Surround Seat

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Comfort is very important when it comes to hunting and any mistake can as well lead to missing your target which could affect your overall hunting performance for the day. It is why you need a comfy treestand to complement your saddle hunting.

One of the best to consider is the Summit Treestands Surround Seat. It comes with padded sides to keep you not only warm but as well protects you from the wind. It comes with three Velcro closure pockets and quick-release buckles for easy mount and dismount.

It fits conveniently any tree as it can be considered as a great option to take your hunting experience to a greater height.


  • Very strong and sturdy to keep you safe
  • Withstand weight of about 300 pounds
  • Strong and durable
  • Padded sides for comfort and convenience


  • No significant setback

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Benefits of using tree saddle for hunting

Some prefer the use of tree stand while some opt for tree saddle. Here are facts to show you the importance or benefits tree saddle has over tree stand in the world of hunting.


Considering you have many things to pack in your backpack, you might have to find tree saddle over traditional tree stand because they are lighter and easy to carry.

Also, some hunters choose to wear the saddle around their waist as they head to the hunting site and that can only be easier to do because it is lightweight.

The truth is that i will rather have my saddle around my waist while i walk around the hunting site to look out for trees to climb rather than carrying a heavy traditional tree stand. Hunters that cherishes mobile style of hunting will opt for a tree saddle over tree stand because of the ability to move around.


Tree saddle can be used on any potential tree that can withstand your weight, and it enhances your hunting performance. It makes hunting easier to having a traditional tree stand in which you need to look for the right tree that can hold the stand correctly to accommodate you.

Most hunters have to leave a tree stand on the tree as some have difficulty to climb a tree to mount a stand. With a tree saddle, you can easily climb the tree and never leave your saddle behind.


The tree saddle gives hunter wide range of opportunity to hide behind a tree to get their target unaware since it allows a wide range of movement.

But with a tree stand, the hunter has to position it in the direction of the animal, and some can flee by sighting the hunter.

With a saddle, you can hide behind the tree, get a perfect positioning to shoot at your target, draw your bow and release the arrow to shoot without missing an inch.


The benefits of saddle tree device are not complete without mentioning safety. It is very safe to use as it has safety harnessing to ensure you don’t fall and on the off chance that you fall, you do not hit yourself against the floor.

Saddle Hunting Overview! Everything You Need to Know


Every tree hunting fanatics would use either tree stand or tree saddle. For those who prefer tree saddle above traditional tree stand, here are the best hunting tree saddle reviews from experts that you need to consider.

Each of the products is picked based on research and reviews with a focus on the features, quality, and comfort without leaving out the safety of the user.