Seven (7) Tips on How to Shoot a Bow as a Beginner

shoot a bowIn three million years ago, the introduction of meat in one’s diet brings about the rise for the need to incorporate the consumption of meat in almost all meal, but the major setback was how to get the animals to serve as meat.

So people only depended on dead animals thereby feeding on them regardless of the larvae and insect found on them. They were ignorant of the havoc that these larvae and insects will wreck on their health.

They kept on consuming dead animals not until they came into the understanding of preying on animals. It then leads to hunting which involves searching for living animals and killing them before feasting on them.

But during this time, hunting was only restricted to noblemen in the society and those who have farmlands.

Now, hunting is now seen as a practice for leisure, meat hunting or when some materials like hoof, fur or skin are needed from the hunted animals.


shoot a bowA bow and arrow is a ranged weapon system consisting of an elastic launching device (bow) and long-shafted projectiles (arrows). It is one of the ancient weapons used for hunting animals and is likewise useful in warfare.

People who make a bow are called a bowyer; a person who shoots a bow is called a Bowman, while the art and skill of using bow are called archery.

When you have a quality bow in your hand, the chances of missing your target on any predators in your farm will be slim, and your animals will be saved from them.

Sometimes in our lives, self-defense, bow, and arrow may be lifesaving against wild animals or unperceived enemies. Once they are sighted, you can easily use your bow to defend yourself.

Some bows are silent in action, unlike guns; they don’t usually create unnecessary awareness of their operation. Therefore, you can easily use them on animals that are very swift in response like cheetah and leopard.

A quality bow is usually portable, so there will be no problem with carrying them all around, and this makes them readily available whenever they are needed.

Understanding the usage of quality bow builds more self-esteem and confidence in the bowman. The quality bow does not usually disappoint, and this gives you more confidence in yourself.


How to shoot a bowThe fact that bows are a very potent and powerful weapon is indisputable.

The truth of the matter is that when one does not know the basic principle of shooting, it will be very challenging and frustrating.

So, below are the seven gradual tips on how to shoot a bow, irrespective of the distance of your target.


Posture means the way you stand, and its importance can never be overemphasized when talking about the tips of good shooting.

The reason why position or stance is essential is that it gives you balance to shoot your bow conveniently.

If your feet are too far apart, you will be unbalanced forward or backward. And if they are too close, you will be unbalanced.


This tells us how you handle your bow when shooting it. Even if you maintain a proper stance, if you fail to grip your arrow correctly, you may miss your target.

You need to get your arrows and hold them firmly. Once you achieved a full draw, the bow should be pushing into the palm, then relax your grip.

Make sure that you are very careful when releasing the grip to get accurate shooting.


Once you have maintained a good posture and gripped your bow correctly, the next thing is to have a perfect anchor point, and this can only be achieved through constant shooting practice.

The more you shoot, the more you get consistent with your anchor point, and once you get a comfortable anchor point, your focus and accuracy will be well achieved.


After getting your anchor point, it is very imperative most especially for the beginners to ensure adequate availability of oxygen in their brain.

Oxygen is essential for your brain when you have less oxygen, you may, and this may impede your excellent performance in shooting a bow.

What can make you have less oxygen in your brain is when you hold your breath for a more extended period when you are about to shoot.

This happens when you feel perplexed when you face the challenge of distance and target.

If you want to do yourself a favor, don’t be nervous as this might create fear in you which will affect your overall shooting performance.


When you are ready to shoot, some circumstance around you may pose a negative signal to you about your success most especially the effect of the environment.

Your success with shooting depends on you believing in your capability. You need to believe that you will hit your target firmly, and you will surely do. Don’t lose focus at all and don’t be afraid of anything at all even failure.

A man said that the best archer in the world doesn’t hold their pins dead steady. Instead, they allowed the pins to float on the target and begin to squeeze. Confidence is essential.


You have prepared yourself for this, and this is the main point, you have no reason to hesitate. Release unanticipated and you will surely have good accuracy even in long distance.

To have a proper release said Griggs, “Index fingers release shooters need to focus on getting their fingers warped around the trigger while using muscle in their back to draw their shoulder blade together.”

This brings about the push and pulls motion that inevitably leads to a proper release. When trying to release you need to be focused without distraction as that is the only way you could have an accurate shot.


It is natural and widely expected that after you shoot a bow, you will drop your bow and relaxes but that is not too good for archers.

After shooting or releasing the arrow, you are expected to follow through, use your eyes to follow the arrow as it journeys to the target. See the end of the shooting before relaxing.


If you can practice bow shooting consistently with the above tips, I firmly believe that you can shoot a bow effortlessly and be an expert archer in a short moment of time.