Barnett Vortex Youth Archery Bow package

If you are conversant with compound bows, you probably know that Barnett is one of the most recommended and trusted producers of compound bows.

I presently use the Barnett Vortex Hunter Youth Archery Bow adult version. My first time with coming across this youth archery bow from Barnett, I had no idea this crossbow will catch my attention and interest compared to larger bows regarding design, function, and effectiveness.

Barnett Vortex Youth Archery Bow package Review

I stumbled on this compound bow recently while I was on the search for the desired compound crossbow for my neighbour’s young daughter who seems to derive joy in bow shooting at her leisure time.

She was satisfied and fulfilled using the Barnett Vortex 45 Pounds Youth Archery Bow for the first time.

That prompted me to keep using the youth bow and ever since I have been hunting with this bow, it has been an excellent day out hunting with the Barnett Vortex compound bow.

Here I’ll love to share the intriguing features that’ll help whoever is craving for a quality youth bow just like me.

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Build & Quality

The barnett vortex Compound Bow Package is adjustable to suit most beginning archers, with performance and styling which matches many adult bows.

Dual cams provide convenient draws with 60-70% let-off as well as a draw weight of 16-45 lbs. It also offers a 6 inch of draw length adjust-ability, from 21 inches to 27 inches.

The finishing is a rustic camouflage, making this bow suitable for small game hunting game.

The Vortex is a quality bow with a lot of extras including a 3-pin sight, two-piece quiver, a captured style arrow rest, and three arrows with quivers.

The bow comes in different varieties to suit everyone’s choice and at the same time can be deadly to animals and human.

Arrow Shooting Speeds

There was no concrete information about the Barnett Cortes shooting speed on the internet. This implies that no effort was made to measure the IBO speed rating up till this moment.

The Barnett Vortex hunter Youth Archery Bow Draw weight

So much has been put into consideration to have come about the 16-49 Pounds Draw Weight which will make a perfect choice for both young and adult Archers.

This draw weight range is a reasonable concept for a compound bow engineered to suit young individuals and adults who are learning to become skilful with bow shooting.

The young shooter can effortlessly adjust the weight to suit his or her capability.

My neighbour’s daughter prefers to keep 30 pounds draw weight since that’s her preferred draw weight when she wants to obtain increased balance and proper positioning.

This draw weight range is just ideal for youths and beginner archers.

Besides, it makes bow shooting more fun for young people and will enable them to shoot the whole day without feeling bored and stressed.

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What size arrows does the Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow need

Beginners will derive nothing but smooth and satisfying experience with the Barnett vortex hunter youth archery bow, besides, it’s a full delight for beginners.

It comes with three arrows each of which has 28 inches size and made of an aluminium tube with the bow arrow holder. So after buying, the user can commence with practice without waiting another minute.

The adjust-ability is there to ensure comfort-ability while practising at field point. The 28 inches is an average and considerable size for anybody to get the best out of.

All you have to do is, keep practising till to attain a significant level of proficiency.

What is the quality of the Barnett Vortex arrows?

Using the arrows that come with the Barnett Vortex package might be a wrong idea for professional or adult archers.

The quality is not satisfying. In that case, you’ll have to buy a different set of arrows even if you don’t plan on hunting with them soon.

Take your bow alongside with you to a professional store to get the right arrows fit for your crossbow.

Is Barnett Vortex hunter bow a good crossbow for hunting

Barnett youth bow set is beneficial for an archer. The Vortex bow is built with ATA/AMO standards. It keeps the tool useful and long-lasting.

By Vortex hunter compound bow, professional can amazingly carry out their hunting project. On the other side, the young version of it will enable younger individuals to make the best out it too.

Its camo feature will also help the Barnett Vortex compound bow make it to the top of the list of beginner, adults and professional archers’ scale of preference.

Barnett Vortex


  • Complete kit for a moderate price
  • The finish is a rustic camouflage, making this bow suitable for small game hunting


  • No optics sight included; needs to buy from a shop
  • It may be heavy for younger kids but good for youths and professional hunter

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Is the Barnett Vortex 45 compound bow worth the price

No need to worry, it comes with a standard, and budget-friendly price. For hunting and shooting practice, this archery bow has maintained its standard.

This Barnett compound bow for youths is worth investing in. The Barnett Vortex 45 Youth Archery Bow is all you need to get started with hunting or archery practising.

Nevertheless, the crossbow comes with a 5-year warranty which is subject to change based on the manufacturer. Being conscious of the lifespan will help you on how to use the bow.

Having a well-rounded and effective crossbow for five years without encountering any complications is indeed worth more than its price.

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Bottom Line

The Barnett vortex is a good option for youngsters that are just learning archery; it is also affordable. It not too heavy so you won’t get fatigued quickly.

It also has a five-year warranty which is subject. It is no doubt the best you to change based on the manufacturer. If you ever want to get yourself or your kids a soothing and quality bow, the Barnett Vortex is one of the best to consider for all it has to offer and beyond.

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