10 Best archery target for broadheads – Archery targets for 2020

The best archery target for broadheads is where archers shoot at a stationary target at varying distances. As with most things today there’s a multitude of different styles on the market. Bags, foam blocks, 3D archery targets and good old paper targets top the listings.

Importance of using the best archery target for broadheads

Some are good for field points, some good for broadheads, others designed to fit best crossbows and compound bows. Shooting at a target could be a form of practice before hunting the real thing.

It is also helpful when you are teaching your kids who are still a novice to archery. Archers can figure out what shots they need to improve on before heading back to the woods. And for practice, you’ll need a good target.

In this roundup, we’re going to review some of the best shooting practice targets available today and introduce you to our top picks for each style and type of user.

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Types of archery target for broadheads and Shooting Practice

Best archery target for broadheads

Below are the following types of archery target for shooting practice available today:

Bag Targets

They generally comprise a synthetic fiberfill that simply stops your arrow, and yet still allows easy arrow removal.

Bag targets are actually only meant for field points. You can use any type of compound bow setup, but be sure you use field points.

Foam Layer Block Targets

They are portable and lightweight, offer fairly easy arrow removal for light bows, and are economical to boot.

Although you can use broadheads on this target, field points will dramatically extend the life of your target.

3D Practice Targets

They come in virtually every animal species to provide for an entertaining experience.

The only flaw is that the foam cores can wear out with repetition. They are best practiced with field points, as you are bound to lose a broadhead inside the foam core.

Before going through the list, here is the quick list for you if you do not have much time to spend reading reviews.




Best archery target for broadheads reviews – Experts Pick

1. Field Logic-Shooter 3D Archery Bear Target

The Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target 71600 is no doubt one of the best 3D archery targets available today. It is perfect for any serious deer hunter that fancies hunting with a bow.

Featuring a handy weather-resistant build, it has a shoulder height of 31 inches and is totally weather resistant.

This target has replaceable closed-cell compression and retrieving arrows shot won’t be a problem, with just one hand, it’s out already.

Besides, you can use your leg thereby giving you the ability to practice aiming at deer that may be lying down.

This target has an insert that is roughly 25% bigger than many other targets like it and includes ground stakes for holding it firm in the wind and weather.

With 125-inch antlers, this practical target is sure to make you a skilled hunter. This is a good archery target to use as a compound bow target to practice for deer season.

  • The target is realistic and arrows are easy to remove
  • The target has a good built, and it’s very sturdy
  • The ground stakes give stability to the target
  • The 3D bear is made of high-impact foam
  • Heavy

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2. Rinehart RhinoBlock Target

If you’re just new into the archery game, I bet you can’t go wrong with the Rhinoblock Target as it’s got so any considerations for a novice. You need to be watchful in selection as it looks similar to blob archery target.

It comes with 3-D vital zones for absolute accuracy; how do I mean? This target has a large cross-sectional area to absorb arrows from every angle thereby promising that you can never miss your target.

Besides, it with an appreciably small target for arrow positioning. What more can you get with this 6-sided beauty all manufactured from Rinehart’s legendary self-healing foam?

The foam is so forgiving that even with so many shots; it’ll still maintain its shape and integrity. I’m glad to let you know that in this target comes a target insert for extra-long life!

Forty high-visibility target zones; Stops field points, two full sides of 3-D deer vital zones; expandables and broadheads; A rope handle for comfortable transport as well as mounting holes for easy elevation. It is one of the archery targets that is ideal for  broadheads.

  • Replaceable target inserts
  • 3D deer target faces
  • High visibility low light target zones
  • Best crossbow and high fps bow approved
  • Costly
  • Target is not very lightweight

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3. Morrell Double Duty for crossbow

Morrell 131 Double Duty 450 FPS Field Point Archery Bag Target is no doubt the perfect fit for the best Crossbows, Compound bow, and Airbows on market.

It is in a perfect cubic form with two straps at the top for you and a friend to carry it easily, or if you’re alone, you can easily lift it with both hands.

The Morrell bag is pretty dense as the block seems durable and will probably stand more than a thousand bolts. The bag provides you with four surfaces on which you can practice on.

All you’ll need for target practice, bull’s eyes, deer vitals, dartboard or nine boards have been painted on each side of this block.

Due to its thick core, this block archery target is suitable for the best crossbows and compound bows in terms of speed. It is also capable of stopping bolts speeding at 450 FPS without it coming out on the other side of the block.

And the best part is that the weight of this cubic block balances well on the base so you won’t need a stand for it.

  • It doesn’t require a stand
  • Easy to carry Arrows and easy to pull out
  • Tiny surface Target Spots

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4. Morrell Supreme Range Field Point Bag – Crossbow targets for 400 fps

The Morrell Supreme Range Field Point Archery Target is made for all age ranges. Built to withstand time and is tough enough to withstand as many arrows as possible.

The Morrell Supreme Range features a brilliantly colored target on one side, with blue, black, red and yellow colorings, while the other side features four smaller yellow and red targets for more explicit aiming and targeting.

While you can position this target anywhere on the ground, it also comes with grommets that allow you to hang this target from either a tree or a stand.

The center of this target comprises a nucleus that has excellent arrow stopping power, and the use of a patented Multi-Layered Density Design and Internal Frame System provides this target with extended life that exceeds many other comparable targets of its type.

This target is absolutely 100% weatherproof, so it can be left outside no matter what the weather offers, and it makes a great target for training for the NASP Program.

  • Lightweight
  • Weatherproof
  • Arrow removal is easy
  • May not fit for all types of archery


5. Delta Howling Coyote 3D Target


  • Allows for head and body replacement
  • Real life experience
  • Fun and safe to use
  • May not fit in for all series of archery target

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6. Field Logic-Shooter 3D Archery Hog Target

If anyone of you is like who wants to have a realistic feel of my any archery targets, you’d rather opt for the Field Logic Shooter Hog 3D Archery Target. It has a really brilliant and durable build which is as well weather-resistant.

This target is made of relatively high impact foam, such that the 1-piece target can accommodate a whole lot of shots from field points, expandables, and broadheads.

Lifelike boar design provides an exact angle and appearance, and also come with scoring rings in the vitals area for a pronounced realistic practice or application in 3D target competitions.

Generally, this archery is able to make up to the list of the large archery targets all because of its durability, strength, weather resistance and its ability to withstand a more than a hundred of shots without losing it shape.

  • Comes with a scoring ring
  • Weather resistant
  • Durable
  • Only for 3D archery target

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7. BUP Sports the Shield Archery Target

If you want the perfect backstop for both backyard field practice, not only that, for field practicing as well, then you can’t go wrong with THE SHIELD archery.

It is great for target practicing long shots or for tuning your bow. Stops carbon, aluminum, and wood arrows (field tips only). Besides, picking it up to your preferred location comes easy as it’s not heavy at all, and it allows for easy removal of arrows. It’s a great backstop for a 3D target, and you can only get for just a color (black).

The shield archery backstop has put virtually everyone’s choice into consideration to have come in different sizes which includes: 2’x2′ 3’x4′ 4’x6′ 5’x6′ 6’x6′ 6’x7′ 6’x8′ 6’x9′ 6’x10′ 6’x11′ 6’x12′ 6’x13′ 6’x14′.T

herefore, this target will for sure make the best archery target for you as you have the choice to pick from a variety the one that goes well with you.

  • Not heavy
  • Comes in various styles
  • Just one color (black)

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8. Delta 51490 Bloodline Buck

Is someone wondering why this archery target is tagged as ‘bloodline’? The Bloodline Buck XLdeer from Delta McKenzie Targets acquired that name because of its ability to take any type of arrow from any type of bow.

Delta McKenzie’s Bloodline Buck 3-D Archery Target is made with FlexFoam for exceptional arrow-stopping power, durability and simple arrow removal.

It commands the arrow speeds of 300 – 350 fps. It features a large body and aggressive expression with a vital to bring about a tough appearance.

Besides, another intriguing note about this target is that It is rugged enough to withstand use with field tips, thereby making it long-lasting and that makes it worth more the price.

This Buck is life like attractively detailed impeccable markings with IBO score and also features twist lock assembly, easy to see lines for scoring and removable antlers.

At the base of the Delta Target product line is the legendary line of 3D Deer Targets.

Generally, Delta McKenzie’s Bloodline Buck 3-D Archery Target is widely recognized it realism, durability, and affordability and that is why we can’t but put it on the list of the archery targets you should consider.

  • Very affordable
  • Easy arrow retrieval
  • Features a large body
  • None

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9. SpyderWeb ST 24 XL NO SPEED LIMIT

It’s easy to fathom why the SpydeeWeb ST XL made it up to this list, that’s because it’s got a feature which you can rarely get from other targets of its range- it comes with no speed limits.

It has tremendous stopping power, yet super-easy arrow retrieval. The self-healing Spylar was devised to last longer than any other target face out there.

It has a reinforced steel handle for stable transport. It can manipulate both large and small diameter arrows but was made only for field point arrows.

It measures 24x24x15 inches and weighs 62 pounds, and as well comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

  • Steel handle for easy pick up
  • No speed limit target
  • Durable
  • Only for field point arrows

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10. Morrell Super Duper Field Point Bag Archery Target

For those who are running on a low budget and still wish to maintain a quality target archery practice, The MLT Super Duper Target is the best archery target for you.

It’s a lower-cost alternative to the Outdoor Range target, even though it’s built from the same multi-layered density design. I like the bright green visibility on the Super Duper targets.

It makes it easy to see in all light conditions, and from a distance. The target uses the Morrell internal frame system, which is a fancy way of saying you can shoot nearly anywhere on the bag without issue.

The bag comes with a more brilliant and satisfying finish. One side has a target circle, while the other has vital deer organs drawn inside a large target ring. Those are really useful layouts for deer hunters.

  • Cheap price
  • Brilliant and inviting finish
  • Can be easily noticed from all angles
  • None

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Important Things to Consider When Buying the Best archery target for broadheads

Choosing the best archery target for your need leans more on what you are actually practicing for and on the type of equipment you plan to use – bow type and arrow type.

Below, you will find some factors to consider before getting an archery target and a brief insight into the different types and purposes they are suitable for.

Category of Archery

First, what are you buying the archery target to practice for? Is it for target shooting or field shooting? If you’re going for target shooting, then you want to consider getting a bag or block archery target as they provide you with a more realistic target compared to what is obtained in competitions.

But if you’re interested in the field shooting or practicing for hunting, then your choice of a target should lean more towards the 3D practice targets.

They come in 3D shapes of popular prey like the deer, bear, turkey, hog, etc. So you will probably a 3D practice target for the prey you’re planning to hunt.

Design and Construction

You should also consider the design and construction before getting the target.

Remember, you’re buying an archery target for two purposes – to provide you with an aim and secondly to provide a place where your arrows will land on without getting damaged.

That is why we recommend buying a bow and arrow target that provides you with a good spot to aim at and won’t have your arrows damaged.


With repeated use, the covering on a bag target or the insert in a foam target will get damaged and will need to be replaced.

When shopping for an outdoor archery target, you might want to put this into consideration. Generally, heavier targets are more durable than light ones.

So if you are looking for something that may last a long time and help reduce your cost of maintenance, then your best bet is getting a heavier archery target.

Easy Removal

You probably will not want to spend all your archery practice time digging arrows from your target.

A good archery target should be able to allow you to pull back your bolts by two fingers as soon as you want it without using any other equipment.


Ease of Mobility is something you might want to consider before paying for a target, especially if you plan to practice in different places.

Some targets come with straps to easy mobility while others are lightweight for easy carrying. If you practice at different locations, then you might want to get a target that’s a little lightweight and comes with a strap.


A good target should be able to last at least one year before being replaced.

Since the core materials of most bag targets often outlive the cover material, you might want to find one with a replacement cover, so you don’t throw the target away when the cover gets worn out.

Generally heavier targets are more durable and will last longer than lightweight ones just like the big bow archery targets. [/su_box]


Whatever your goal, choosing the best archery target for broadheads can help you sharpen your skills for a successful hunt this fall. The target that you prefer will go a long way towards promoting your bowhunting skills.

Choose a foam target for general target practice and practice with broadheads, and a Bag Target for your everyday target practice use.

If you want the high-grade simulation of a real-life hunt, pick up a 3D target. Whatever your goal is, choosing the archery target for target practice and shooting can help you sharpen your skills for a successful hunt.