8 Best backcountry hunting packs – (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2019)

Best backcountry hunting packs

What is backcountry hunting?

Backcountry hunting means spending some time in the wilderness hunting, usually away from your comfort zone which reiterates the need for the best backcountry hunting packs to pack all gears.

There is no more significant hunting experience than hitting the backcountry, but you need to have all the essential gears in place. Backcountry packs will make that easier for every hunter going on a hunting trip.

Life is more comfortable when you have all that you need for hunting within your reach and to convey all to your hunting site, and you need a backpack that can accommodate all that you need for backcountry hunting.

Things you should carry in your backpack for backcountry hunting

Best backcountry hunting packs

Hunting boots

A small blister on your feet can end your hunt which makes a quality hunting boot a no brainer.

It is advisable that you get a quality hunting boot as it helps to keep you safe and my favorite is the Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek Waterproof Hunting Boot.

Sharp shale and rock particles can quickly destroy cheap pair of boots which is why you should always avoid.

Quality clothing

Another gear you should pack in your backpack is the hunting clothing.

Using your casual home clothing for hunting is never a good act which is why you need to have the right hunting jacket or hunting shirt with hunting pants to keep yourself warm and safe while you are in the hunting site.

First Aid kit

You have to be self-sufficient with all you need when you are in the backcountry for hunting.

First aid box is one of the gears you should have i your backpack, and the contents should include chapstick, belt buckle, duct tape, bandages, hand sanitizer, digestive medication, and water treatment drops.

Rain gear

You don’t want to be caught up in the rain while you are in your hunting campsite which is why you need to include a quality rain gear in your backpack.

Rain gear makes it easier for you to keep all your gears secured from the rain.

Backcountry Tent

If you will be staying in the camp for more than a day, it is essential that you go with a hunting tent that you can retire to after your daily hunting task.

It is essential you get a quality tent that can withstand the UV rays and rain while on the campsite.

Hunting equipment

Going to the backcountry for hunting without having your essential hunting equipment in places such as bow and arrow, rifle, knife and many more is such a total waste of time.

You need to pack any equipment that is best suited for you to enjoy the best hunting performance.

There is more to these hunting gears that should be included in the backcountry packs. However, if you have all the gears listed above, you are right on track for your hunting adventure.

Best backcountry hunting packs researched picked products in 2019

Best backcountry hunting packs

Let’s go through the list of the backpacks you need to consider for backcountry hunting.

1. Tenzing TZ 3000 Back Country Hunting Packs

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This back country hunting pack is big enough to accommodate all that you need to convey to your hunting campsite.

It is big and has a sizeable hauling capacity which makes it ideal for day packs and big game packs.

It has a hybrid design which integrates ample storage with nine functional pockets.

The backpack is durable and lightweight which makes it easier for hikers and hunters to carry.

The backpack has a padded lumbar pad and a waist belt that makes it easier for anyone to adjust to a perfect fit.

The padded lumbar pad ensures that the backpack can be used for a longer duration.

It has excellent storage to accommodate all the gears that you need to take to your campsite. Also, its space to store your bow, gun and it can accommodate foldable stove with foldout rain cover.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry from one place to another
  • Large storage space
  • Perfect for day pack and long day camping


  • It has no significant setback

2. Mardingtop Internal Frame Backpack

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This is a perfect hunting backpack for hunting all kind of games such as deer, turkey, and elk.

It is one of the best back packagings you should consider as it has all the best to offer you while you are at the back of the country hunting for game.

Looking for a better and more comfortable means of conveying your gears to your campsite, the Mardingtop Internal Frame Backpack is among the best to consider.

The hunting backpack is made of water resistant fabric material 600D polyester with YKK Zipper and rain Cover Included in the package.

It is reliable to keep all your gear safe and dry on the off chance that it rained while on the campsite and it as well includes a rain cover to keep the whole backpack secured. It does not hold on to rain as it helps to repel and ensure the bag is always dry.

The design of the hunting bag integrates detachable waist belt which makes it easier for anyone to carry the backpack easily from one place to another. It has a chest strap to help you cope with the weight of the backpack on the road.

The top lid is attached to the design of the backpack for you to store small items such as key, maps, and some small tools. It as well has detachable side pockets which can hold 1000ml water bottles with the small pockets for storing a water bottle.


  • It has loops and webbing that can be used to attach more tools and items
  • It is made of high-quality material that can withstand any weather condition
  • Built with water-resistant fabric material
  • Excellent storage space to keep your gears safe and secured


  • Not compatible with liquid detergent and can only be cleaned with a wet cloth
  • Not suitable for ironing

3. Allen Pagosa 1800 Hunting Daypack


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Those looking for a daypack backpack can look at Allen Pagosa 1800 Hunting Daypack as the perfect solution. The hunting backpack is ideal for a day sojourn to backcountry hunting.

It is made of quality fabric with about 1800 cubic inch capacity.
You can stay comfortable for as long you have the backpack on your back as the safety of the user is on top of the manufacturer’s priority list.

As part of the means to keep it comfortable for you, it has back support panels which help to enhance your comfort even when you have heavy materials filled in the backpack.

The design of the backpack integrates waist pockets which makes it easier for you to carry for a more extended period without feeling any pain.

Due to the fact you need a lot of gears to have an excellent hunting performance, it is essential that you load up your pack and the adjustable waist belt helps to make it easier to carry.


  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for a day hunting and camping
  • Zippered pocket to keep things secured and safe
  • Ample storage to keep gears safe


  • It has no significant setback

4. Badlands Diablo Dos Hunting Backpack


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One of the best bow hunting backpack for backcountry trip you should consider is the Badlands Diablo Dos Hunting Backpack. It is ideal for hunters who want to go on hunting for more than one day.

The pack is enough to help you handle all the hunting demands before and while you are on the hunting site. It as well can be used for hauling meat.

Unlike every other hunting backpack that causes shoulder fatigue, the diablo dos have the most significant and highest strength to weight ratio of any hunting pack in the market which helps to eliminate any chance of shoulder fatigue.

The pack features a Dupont durable water resistant fabric protector which repels moisture, oil, blood, and more and the Hypalon helps to prevent wear and tear in high-stress areas.

Also, it has hyper vent suspension, and it helps to permit the flow of air between you and your pack thereby reducing the back sweat and keeping you cool during warmer hunts.


  • Ideal for conveying hunting rifle and bow
  • Strongest fabric
  • Vent system to wick sweat and keep you comfortable
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Resistant to water


  • It has no significant setback

5. Mardingtop Hiking Backpack

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The Mardingtop Hiking Backpack is a versatile hunting backpack that can be used for a wide range of applications.

It has the capacity of 50 to 60 L which makes it ideal for not just a day hiking, camping but as well for days hunting.

The hunting back packaging pack is made of water-resistant 600D polyester with YKK zipper and YKK buckle to ensure it stays in place with the rain cover included to keep the back dry on the off chance it rained while hunting in the field.

Among its great features is the molle webbing. It has an internal backpack with large zipped access at the front to which helps you to quickly have access to each compartment you have in the pack.

It has good storage space to help you store all that is needed to be used on the hunting site. It is ideal for all kind of activities such as hauling meat, hiking, traveling and many more.


  • Resistant to water
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Rain cover to keep the bag dry
  • Safe and comfortable


  • No significant setback

6. TETON Sports Ultralight Backpacks

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The TETON Sports Ultralight Backpacks is another backcountry pack you should consider for both a day and days hunting.

It is a backpack that is ideal for backpacking, hiking, travel, camping, and travel. It is an all-purpose ultralight pack.

The pack has XXL capacity with enough room for all the gears that you need to take to your hunting site. It is everything that you need for all your outdoor adventure.

It is highly comfortable with multi-position torso adjustment custom which fits any range of body sizes.

Also, the pack has durable back panels with molded foam which helps to offer maximum comfort and airflow for both men and women.

It as well has a large sleeping compartment, multi-directional compression straps, multiple pockets, and gear ties fo strategic packing.


  • Customizable fit
  • Detachable hood
  • Comfortable split waist belt
  • Bottom hip adjustment


  • Not resistant to water

7. Backcountry Access Stash

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You will surely be so proud to own a backcountry backpack from Stash.

The backpack is undoubtedly one of the best from Stash, and every hunter will be glad to have this pack especially in times of need to haul meet or travel to a backcountry campsite for hunting.

The pack has back panel access with tool pocket for shovel probe and room for skins. The Hunting backpack has moisture drain holes which help to wick sweat and keeps you dry for as long as you have the backpack on your back.

It is very comfortable and convenient to carry for a longer period with the help of the handle and backpack strap.

It as well has vertical snowboard carry, and diagonal and A-frame ski carry to ensure you are convenient when walking with the pack.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable and strong to last longer
  • Comfortable to carry for a longer duration
  • keeps you dry with the help of the wicking system


  • None at the moment

8. TETON Sports Ultralight Plus Backpacks

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The TETON Sports Ultralight Plus Backpacks is not just referred to as the grand daddy of them all for fun.

It is indeed amazing when it comes to its features and what it can offer you. The backpack has the largest internal frame.

The frame makes it the best pack for snowboard, climbing rope, hiking, and hunting.

It is one of the best hunting backpacks with bow holder, and it has the capacity to be used for elk, deer and turkey hunting.

Also, it has extra padded split dual wishbone waist pad with independent top and bottom hip and torso adjustment for a custom fit.

It also has unique lumbar adjustment which can only be seen in some higher – end packs.

Furthermore, the pack has a lightweight aluminum frame which offers you stability so that you do not feel too much pressure on you whenever you carry the backpack.

It has a friendly price range which makes it a great deal for all.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Ideal for rugged adventurers
  • Multiple compression straps
  • Strong buckles for comfortable use


  • No significant setback


Best bow hunting backpack buyers guide

Best backcountry hunting packs
Getting the right backpack all lies on you having the right information about the pack.

Also, it is essential that you get to know some factors that you need to consider to help you make the right call whenever you find yourself in the market.


Why will you get a pack that you will abandon all because you detest the design. It is essential that you look out for the design of the pack and ensure it suits you before you spend a penny on it.

There are many stylish backpacks out there with alluring color and style, and you should remember to choose the one that is of interest to you.


It is essential that you consider frame as part of the design of the backpack you intend to choose.

Remember the backpack serves to convey heavy gears to a hunting site and sometimes you might need to haul meat from the campsite to your home.

The frame on the backpack makes it easier for you to move easily without any stress or pain.

Also, the frame does come with wicking or vent to allow air flow between your back and the backpack which help you to stay dry and comfortable.


How big is the backpack you want to buy? Can it handle the demand of your hunting activities? Is it durable to last longer without tearing or wearing out easily? All these are questions you should ask yourself.

You should consider a durable backpack above style and attractiveness. Of course, they are factors to consider as well, but they don’t determine if the backpack will last longer, how durable it is determined that.


You should consider a backpack that has easy to access zipper.

The zipper should give you the platform to easily access the compartments you have on the backpack without stress.

We have selected the best backpack for hunting with zippers that can make hunting bearable for you.

Others factors

There are many others you should consider such as the fabrics which determine the quality of the backpack, the vent to wick sweat and keeps the backpack dry.

Also, you need to consider the comfort it offers while you are carrying heavy gears or hauling meat.


There are thousands of comfortable hunting backpacks that can be considered for backcountry hunting. We have made the list of the best backcountry hunting packs that you should find in the market on the off chance you need one.

It is vital you own one either for a day hunting or for a more extended period. All the backpack we pick on our list has a large capacity to help you convey your hunting gears to your campsite.

How to pack and organize a backcountry backpack for hunting

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