11 Best backcountry hunting tent – Camping and hunting tents 2020

It is never a pleasant experience to recall a bad night’s rest in hunting sites due to the absence of a tent. It shows how important it is to have any of the best backcountry hunting tent for shelter whenever you go out for your hunting trip.

Sure, there are times you have to with a firelight by gathering woods in the field, but the feeling of retiring into the cocoon of a bag is second to none. There are times fire light won’t be able to handle the cool breeze from the environment and as well as those from the trees.

The availability of a hunting tent will give you the platform to have a cozy environment to sleep while you shut out cold air from stopping you from having a nice night rest.

What is the best backpacking tent for hunting?

best backcountry hunting tent

We are quite sure you are on this page because you have an interest in a hunting tent or you want to get more knowledge on the best backpacking tent that can be used for hunting. We are glad to announce you are in the right place.

There are many good options available in the market for backcountry hunting tent, which is probably why it is quite tricky for some individuals to make the right call. What determines the best tent for you backpacking relies on many factors which you need to consider.

Hunting tents have different styles, and each has advantages and disadvantages. You need to look into this without leaving out your preference and some other factors such as the capacity, height, price, and some other which will still be discussed in this article.

How massive should my hunting tent be for backpacking?

If you are backpacking your tent to the hunting site, you need to consider the weight before purchasing the tent. Considering the fact it is not the only gear needed at the camping site, you need to know the weight and ensure it is within the range you can bear.

Generally, a hunting tent should not weigh more than 2.5 pounds. Some weigh more than that due to added features but if you are considering the ideal weight of a tent to consider, do not exceed 2.5 pounds when purchasing.

Choosing the best budget backpacking tent for hunting

Selecting the right hunting tent can be quite challenging, but the good news is that we have the expert picked lists of the best hunting tents you should consider in the market. We suggest you read each review on the products carefully and select the one that suits your specifications and style.

Also, it is expedient that you know the different types of hunting tent you can come across in the market and some factors to help you through making the right call, and we have added those sections just after the last product review.

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Best tent for hunting – Expert picked

1. White Duck Outdoors Complete Canvas Wall Tent

If you are into elk hunting and in need of a hunting tent, the White Duck Outdoors Complete Canvas Wall Tent is the right choice for you. It is a wall tent, and it is designed to meet the needs of hunters whenever they go on a hunting trip.

This hunting tent is ideal for elk hunting, and it is also referred to as an outfitter tent, sheepherder tent, safari tent which makes it versatile in operation. Its construction incorporates four straight vertical walls to offer more headroom than ever other traditional pyramid-shaped tents.

The hunting tent gives exceeding experience to every hunter who chooses it as a shelter for hunting trips. Although it is expensive and bulky compared to some other tents, it has all it takes to accommodate several people with their hunting gear and keep them safe all through the days spent on the field.

White Duck Outdoors Complete Canvas Wall Tent is made from a premium double fill army duck canvas with the use of weightless water-resistant material. It is breathable and quite comfortable to maintain. The materials used in the production ensures it is resistant to wear and tear.

• Standard features

The hunting tent comes with a complete set of aluminum frame, Rafter Angle Kit/Couplers, and Free Floating PVC floor, 5-inch stove jack with flap, large distinctive triangular windows for ventilation, Durable 3-layer storm, Standard Zippered Door with buckled weather flap, Metal Runners/Rope Tension Adjusters and Tool Kit, Ropes, Mud Skirting around tent base and stakes all packed in the tent bag.

• Multi-functional features

The tent has YKK zippers for maximum functionality, quality bug no-see-Um mesh door for extra protection and the doors that come with the tent has extra buckle fastening system with over flap all across the door panels to keep the inner part of the tent dry during rain from strong winds.

• Interior Features

It has three large layers of triangular windows with clear polyvinyl storm flap with a durable velcro fastening system for letting in natural light without losing the heat from your stove, and it gives you a better view of your environment with better ventilation.

The seams of the tent are double stitched with the corners being reinforced for added comfort and strength. Also, it has polyester UV resistant dura rope with a standard elasticated shock absorber bungee cord system to help you keep the tent in place against heavy winds.

• Groundsheet and sod cloth

The hunting tent comes with heavy-duty 16-ounce polyvinyl groundsheet to fit the tent to the ground. The sidewalls of the tent are about 5 inches high and center peak height at about 8.5 inches to ensure you have a large area of space to stay.

• Set-up

To set up the White Duck Outdoors Complete Canvas Wall Tent, you need two to three people to get that done. The Package includes all that you need such as the powder-coated metal brackets and lightweight anodized aluminum robust poles, flysheet and many more to allow you to pitch the tent and turn it to your new home.

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2. Russian-Bear Winter Tent

The Russian bear winter tent is well known as one of the best to consider for hunting and some other outdoor activities with the need for shelter. It takes just a few minutes to pitch the tent for you to have a beautiful place to stay.

When the tent is pitched, it has the design of an umbrella, and that allows you to set it up on any terrain easily. It is called winter tent, but it is an all-season tent that can be used for hunting. It can be used during winter and as well have furnace supports in the tent to give a comfortable atmosphere even in sharp frosts.

The hunting tent is made of waterproof material Oxford 240D which helps you stay dry during the raining period. the door and windows are equipped with mosquito nets to prevent mosquitoes from coming into the tent at night while you sleep

• Exterior design

The design of the tent is topnotch as it is made with quality materials to ensure it meets the standard of every hunting tents in the market. It has a double layer to itself to help you prevent condensation on the walls of the tent.

Also, the design integrates frame bottom zipper tie-down straps and 50 feet pegs to keep the tent intact on the floor to ensure it can resist heavy wind and keep the rain away from the inside of the tent.

• Interior Features

The design of the tent has windows and doors that have mosquito nets attached to ensure you are safe from bug attack. It also has a safe stove that is protected with screen to prevent burns, and it helps to keep you as well warm.

The stove can be used to dry your clothes, and it will also help you to keep the inner part of the tent warm during frost condition, and you have nothing to worry about since it is made of fireproof fabric.

• Set-up

The tent is very much easy to pitch for an individual, but it will be faster to do with two or three persons. The package comes with frame bottom zipper tie-down straps and 50 feet pegs, and that helps you to conveniently or effortlessly pitch the tent within minutes without stress.

• Multifunctional tent

Name the kind of hunting you are into, and I can assure you that the Russian-Bear Winter Tent is one you can always rely on for comfort. It gives you the feeling of home away from home, which is why it is considered as a versatile tent for elk hunting, deer hunting, turkey hunting, and fish hunting. It is spacious to accommodate more than three people without discomfort.

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3. URPRO Family Tent

Do you need a tent that can be used for a lot of outdoor activities such as hiking, picnic, traveling, camping, and hunting with sufficient space at its disposal, the URPRO is one of the options to consider for you.

It is such an amazing camping tent that can be relied on to keep you safe in the field while hunting. The hunting tent can accommodate one to three individuals. It comes with unfolded size is 240 CM X 210 CM X 135CM /94.48 X 82.68 X 53.15 IN.

• Design

The hunting tent has sun protection and waterproof feature as it is made of upgraded 210T PU fabric, which is mainly for outdoor activities. The lightweight hunting tent has a higher water resistance coefficient, which makes it a perfect choice for shelter.

• Folding

You have no worries as regarding the use of this hunting tent has it comes with dual ways of use. You have to unfold the tent before use, and after use, you have to unfold it. It has sun shelter, and it has an outer layer that can be used for blocking shade and rays.
It is effortless to use as it boasts of automatic unfolding as you have to assemble with few accessories.

• Interior design

Inside the hunting tent, you have a pocket where you can keep your vital devices such as keys and mobile devices. It has mesh design on the top of the tent that gives you the platform to see the stars at night and also have access to fresh air that comes into the tent.

• Set-up

The tent is very easy to set up as it comes with automatic unfolding. You need to make use of some included accessories to keep the tent in place. The design incorporates a double door so that you can quickly come in and out from two exits.

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4. Topnaca 2 3 Person Backpacking Tent

If you are in searching for a backpacking tent with premium quality, the topnaca 2, three persons backpacking tent, it is a two-person hunting tent as it comes with ample space to accommodate you and your belongings.

It is one of the best hunting tents for families that loves hunting adventure. It comes with 210T polyester cloth and PU clothing which have water resistance properties. The inner part of the tent is made of 210T polyester cloth and B3 nylon airy mesh.

It has 150D anti-wear oxford cloth groundsheet that is waterproof, and it comes with two 7001 aerospace durable aluminum alloy to fasten the tent into the ground.

• Set-up

The hunting tent is very easy to install for anyone. It can be done by one person as it comes with two poles to help in fastening the tent to the ground. It is very safe to install for anyone within 5 to 10 minutes using the two aluminum alloy poles.

• Design

The hunting tent is made of quality fabric with a sleek style and alluring color. It has rain fly with a waterproof level of 4000mm. The design ensures it repels water and keeps you dry for as long you remain inside. It is designed to give you the comfort and shelter you ever desire whenever you are out for hunting adventures.

• Front design

The versatile hunting tent comes with a front door with a dual zipper vestibule to ensure the inner part of the tent is ventilated. The doors can be rolled easily and can be closed using the zipper vestibule to keep everyone safe.

• Extras

The hunting tent is lightweight and breathable. It has lashing design that integrates windproof tent that has ropes fixed all around to ensure it stay firmly in place during and after heavy wind blow. It is undoubtedly one of the best to consider for hunting and other camping adventure

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5. Weanas Backpacking Tent Camping

You have your best companion in weanas for all your hunting adventures. The hunting tent is a resourceful tent that can be used for full range applications such as camping, hunting, and picnic. It comes with easy to install design and features that make it one of the best tent to consider for hunting.

The tent is a backpacking tent for two people as it comes with enough space to accommodate two people individuals. It is easier to install using the high strength aluminum poles that are lightweight and can stand high pressure.

• Design

The tent comes with freestanding style; it has 78 x 50 inches floor dimensions, made from fabric with the canopy of ripstop nylon and 150-denier polyester Oxford with 3000mm polyurethane coating as the floor fabric. The structure and design meet with the standard of most premium tents, which makes it ideal for hunting.

• Door design

The tent is designed with just two doors, which makes it easy for anyone to move in and out without stopping each other. The door can easily be rolled up and down, and you can hang it using the pole that comes with the tent package.


Within 5 to 10 minutes, one person can easily set up the tent using the two poles. The tent is a three-season tent that can be used during spring, winter, and summer. It has mesh for ventilation, and all the design makes it lightweight and breathable.

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6. HILLMAN 2-Person 4-Season 20D Double Layer Silicone Tents

The Hillman 2-Person 4-Season 20D Double Layer Silicone Ultralight High-height Outdoor Camping Tent is a portable tent for cold weather, which is made to be tear-safe, waterproof, and brilliantly warm. This tent has a two-fold layer configuration to help guarantee that it remains steadfast against wind and downpour.

Its cross-aluminum shaft configuration helps to ensure that it stays solid even in high winds. If you are arranging a camping trip and require a tent that is ultra-light and resistant to wind, rainstorm, and sunlight, this could be the perfect tent for you.

Weather Resistant

It’s breathable just as being waterproof and tempest safe. This implies that even though this structure guarantees a protected situation for during terrible climate, it likewise permits a new progression of air.


Notwithstanding being on the lower end of costs for four-season tents, this plan offers a decent quality choice, complete with a top-notch fly. The drawback to this tent is the way that its directions are in Chinese, not English. Nonetheless, paying little heed to this, it is a tent that is snappy and simple to set up, taking around 10-minutes to assemble, even without directions.


For explorers requiring a tent that can face the components the Hillman is warm and is anything but difficult to set up and bring down, this is the perfect alternative. The guidelines may not be written in English, yet it’s as yet easy to set up and bring down, and brisk as well. Given the cost of such a superior brand, it has the right to be considered.


7. Slumberjack In-Season 2 Tent

Slumberjack In-Season 2 Tent is a fantastic pleasantly fabricated 2-man tent for a 4-season use with three passageways and three vestibules, a solid structure with five shafts.


This is an arch style unsupported structure for two individuals, with a complete-cover fly. However, the tent has three vestibules, and you have to stake them down to have them useful. So you have a two-fold layer structure with an inner tent worked from a piece of fabric and absent a lot of work, appropriate for lasting through the year use.


With regards to solidness, it holds up well, effectively beating numerous 3 season tents, however, missing the mark concerning that of better quality 4 season covers. In continued 20 mph wraps, it’s held up fine and dandy; however, there is some influencing from the tall roof and meagre littler distance across shafts.

External Features

Remotely, the tent ideas up adequate extra room also. Having three huge vestibules implies that you can without much of a stretch pack away all rigging on the sides of the tent, or the front, continually leaving, in any event, one technique for section unhindered. This makes getting in and out a lot simpler, discovering hardware a lot quicker, and opens up significantly progressively inward space, as there will consistently be more space outside for even the bulkiest of apparatus.

Internal Feature

The tent’s internal territory is 38.7 ft² (3.6 m²), and you additionally have no under three vestibules, so the absolute secured zone is 72.4 ft² (6.7 m²). In perspective on its pronounced 2-man limit, this gives 36.2 ft² (3.35 m²) per individual. I don’t recall any tent of this sort and reason which such a solace.


8. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 Person Backpacking Tent is a four-season tent that is made to be appropriate for two individuals to share while exploring. Its design is made to be weather-safe, well-ventilated gratitude to its work windows, and large, complete with a lot of extra room.


For explorers/campers that are in a race to put their tent up, the design of this tent is incredible, as it very well may be rapidly and effectively gobbled together and set up inside only a couple of minutes.

Set up

For anybody hunting alone, this tent can be effectively set up and put down by one individual, which is a bonus design. Albeit well-ventilated, one of the advantages of this tent is the reality it has window and vent covers inside with the goal that the warmth can be fixed in, and the protection isn’t influenced. The different pockets inside the tent imply that there is a lot of space to store stuff.


For anybody needing a bigger than a typical two-person tent, the ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian is perfect. It’s reliable and robust, and weather safe. It likewise has a lot of extra room and highlights a full fly. It’s easy to set up and bring down, and can without much of a stretch be utilized by one individual all alone. It is a tent that offers an excellent incentive for cash, regardless of being the most costly choice out of each of the five tents, in light of the scope of valuable highlights it consolidates.


9. OneTigris Black Orca Smokey HUT Ultralight Hot Tent 

If you are looking for the best hunting tent that won’t cost you too much stress to take along with you, the one Tigris tent is the answer.


Fabric with waterproof YKK Zippers and waterproof treated seams, waterproof rating 3000mm, lightweight, durable and highly versatile. Made with 20D Silicon-coated Nylon. 20D Silicon-coated Nylon Fabric


This tent is 10.4ft/ 3.2m in Diameter, and 5.2ft/ 1.6m in height. That’s enough space to accommodate two people successfully. Besides, it gives consideration for stove burning with its top opening. This is no doubt a good hunting tent, that’ll serve you a great deal.

Set up

You do not need much know-how to set it up. It’s pretty simple to mount up. Adding to it easy set up, it has no tent bottom.


Good ventilation is not of the basic proof of a good hunting tent, this tent features 2 windows for ventilation at the top for good airflow with one zippered side entrance.


From its name, it obviously this tent is very light, thus allowing for easy handling.  It weighs only 2.6Ibs (1200g), a super light double shelter for the adventurers.


10. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

This is an extraordinary, unattached tent if you genuinely need a significant tent for your mass hunting. It’s one of the more costly on test yet, besides, feels like it should cost more when you get it up. The thick floor covering is incredible, just like the way that you get individual passageways per room. It’s likewise tall enough to enable individuals more than 6 feet to stand up serenely, no stooping here.


The Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent has bunches of room, estimating 10 x 15 feet with a most extreme roof of 7 ft. 3 in. There’s all that anyone could need here for a family or the camper who has a great passion for hunting. You can’t go wrong with Browning conveys as it doesn’t leak and offers a lot of ventilation during summer. The materials utilized are durable as well, so you don’t need to stress over the tent toppling.

Set up

This enormous tent won’t require a lot of time and exertion in the establishment procedure. The unit is furnished with shaft cut connections that snap over the tent posts inside minutes. It takes around 20 minutes to set up the tent by one individual. In any case, this setup length may lessen to 10 minutes or less, if more than one individual cooperates.

Weather Resistant

On account of the producer for furnishing practically full inclusion downpour fly with this tent. The downpour fly is worked with 75D 185T Polyester texture. The downpour fly accompanies clasps guaranteeing included quality and dependability.

Furthermore? Both the rainfly and the tent-floor are given industrial facility fixed creases offering high-end climate obstruction against antagonistic climate.


11. CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

It comes with six vertical steel poles with a 16 mm diameter plus three fiberglass roof poles with a 12.5 mm diameter. A very tough plastic (polyethylene) on the floor, such materials usually are fully waterproof.

The walls and the fly are built from a reasonably durable 68D polyester. They use what they call H20 Block Technology, so this should mean waterproofness but up to which level remains unclear. The divider is a breathable polyester curtain with a central zipper.

Extra features

The included features offer excellent utility for the medium camper with a cord access port, twin entry points, air vents, gear loft, as well as side pockets. An electrical cable access port is available to feed a power cord through. This comes in very helpful and keeps any cables out of the way of walking paths.

Dual entries work particularly well with the divider to give “rooms” for the campers. Additionally, vents are on the bottom of the tent to aid ventilation.

Spacious Interior

This CORE cabin tent gives an interior that provides enough room and features for campers to feel at home. A 14′ x 10′ floor is wide enough to accommodate ten people, or up to two queen-sized mattresses.

In addition to the spacious floor space, the height of the tent reaches 7 feet for those tall campers. Another cool feature is the zippered room divider. This room divider has a feel of efficiency and does an exceptional job of dividing the rooms.


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Importance of lightweight hunting tents

If you like to chase, fish, camp, or do whatever else outside, so far as that is concerned, at that point, you should consider purchasing a hunting tent for your next trip.

Hunting tents have a lot of space for a stove, making them multiple times hotter than that of an arch tent. Typically, these stoves are wood consuming stoves. That way, you don’t need to stress over bringing fuel. These stoves will transmit heat all through the tent while siphoning its smoke out a little fumes pipe through the top of the canvas.

The additional room and warmth of a hunting tent compare to more prominent solace while out on a trip. You won’t be confined or cold, and you’ll wind up showing signs of improvement night’s rest also. In the wake of a stressful day of trekking around the wild, you will have the option to rests and rest in solace while you appreciate the still of the night.

The sturdy structure of the canvas and casing of a hunting tent make it better inside and out than a major box store vault tent and will last fundamentally longer as well. A hunting tent won’t tear or rip as effectively as different tents, nor will it debase after just a year or two of moderate to overwhelming use. Our extraordinary manufactured canvas, specifically, has an altogether higher rip and tear strength than even cotton canvas. At last, putting resources into a better tent can increasingly efficient, sparing your wallet for a considerable length of time to come.

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Things to consider when buying hunting tents cold weather

At the point when you have chosen the sort of the tent you need, you will, in general, consider a couple of things that will make your buy commendable? These focuses will enable you to acknowledge how you can get hands-on a valuable and excellent tent that will bolster you as a dependable accomplice for a lot of million years to come.

Sleeping capacity

At the point when you plan on getting another canvas tent, you should consider what number of individuals are tagging along. On the off chance that two trackers are going, you ought to get a tent having a dozing capacity of as much as three individuals.

One may ask why you should purchase a tent of the following size of the one that is required. This is because a large portion of the people won’t have the option to fit all the rigging.


Cushioned tents are an incredible choice on the off chance that you are favoring solace over everything else. Here, you can utilize a cushion as a bed and lay on it like resting on a lounge chair. This cushion could be put away in the putting away zone. Beds are likewise excellent alternatives that can be isolated from ground and nightcrawlers.

Tent type

At the point when you are purchasing a tent, you should make it a point to look at the materials of which the canvas is made. On the off chance that it’s comprised of cotton, it will depict phenomenal breathability.

On the off chance that the canvas is thicker, its insides are hotter. If the tent has weight, the cost will likewise be high. A few polyesters material goes about as an incredible substitute and can be stand-apart entertainers, particularly in extreme climate conditions.

Quality of poles

For the most part, posts are comprised of different materials, and some beat others from different angles. For example, the posts made up of fiberglass are the lightest one yet are tough during strong breezes.

Aluminum is another effective alternative that is lighter than steel; however, heavier when contrasted with fiberglass. Aluminum is utilized broadly because of its most grounded properties.


Getting the best backcountry hunting tent is the right step to take for every hunting enthusiast or those who love to go to the backcountry for camping. Hunting tent makes one feel at home, which is why most people call it home away from home because of the comfort and shelter it offers.

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