9 Best fish hunting bow for beginners – Perfect hunting bows for fishing 2020

Using a fish hunting bow conquers all challenges anglers face while on the quest for fishing. Most people think that buying a  bow is a fishing bow is a complete waste of time and money and that our usual and ordinary bow and arrow can also perform the same task as bow fishing.

Benefits of using fish hunting bow for fish hunting

fish hunting bow

There are several benefits you get from using the the right bow for fish hunting. It is much easier than our regular bows and arrows as it appears to be more precise and accurate with aiming the target. The bowfishing bow is different from the bow and arrows we use in the air.

You need to understand the fact that air and water have different densities, and things do not travel through them the same way.

Water is a bit denser and sometimes tends to deflect arrows from its original direction thereby making your shots inaccurate.

Bow fishing arrows do not have fledges as you can see in regular arrows and that makes it move straight to its target.

Fishing with a hook and bait as usually done can be quite ineffective sometimes; you may have to sit idle on your boat for the whole day without fishes coming around.

But with the best bowfishing bow, you are always on the lookout for fish, and with such dedication, you will spot at least a few fishes in the water.

When you do so, you have to strike immediately without having to wait for the fish to come to your bait, you aim right at it. With the bow fishing bow you can accomplish a lot by applying little efforts and confidence.

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Best Fish Hunting Bow and Arrow Reviews


1. Cajun Fish Stick Take-Down Bowfishing Bow

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Looking for a bow that will leave you wowed! A bow that will give you the best feel with perfect accuracy, Cajun fish stick take-down bow might be the best bowfishing bow ever discovered.

It is quite easy to set and assemble. The only problem you might encounter is with the reel, which has not been upgraded to suitable models.

The Cajun fish stick bow possesses a piranha point that helps in accuracy and gives a perfect target of the fishes aimed at. Its roller rest makes the bow fishing bow and arrow comfortable to use as it is lightweight since it just weighs about five pounds and that makes it easy to handle.

Also, the blister buster finder pads feel great when handling the bow fishing bow, and it prevents the bow from hurting you and also, the anti-slip grip that gives you accurate shots.

This bow fishing bow has a takedown design with 56 inches’ length. Its draw weight is about 45 pounds. This is one of the best and easy bowfishing bow to get because it is so durable. With a high-grade aluminum riser and sturdy limbs, the bow is sure to last for forever if possible.

  • High quality build and durable
  • Anti-slip and blister buster grips which make it comfortable during usage
  • Precise and accurate with great speed
  • Stability and comfort which the roller rest provides
  • Very easy to prepare and assemble
  • Good sporty appearance with a beautiful color combination
  • Most customers prefer changing the reels before usage to get the best performance
  • Can be a little heavy
  • Some customers wished for the bow to provide greater pull.

2. Southland Archery Supply Sas Scorpii Compound Bowfishing Bow Kit

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The Bowfishing Bow Kit from Southland is one of the best bowfishing hunting bows you can ever come across. It is a compact, functional and a low-cost bow that serves you very well.

It is compact with an axle to axle length of only 28 inches. Its draw length can also be adjusted from 19 to 29 inches and also the weight from 30 to 55 pounds.

Using this bow fishing bow leaves no room for fear when you see a larger than average fish because your southland archery supply Scorpii bow fishing bow is fast enough to catch your fish for you with excellent maximum speed of 260 FPS.

The southland archery supply SAS Scorpii compound bow fishing bow and arrow is not only compact but also very lightweight with a weight of about 3.3 pounds so that it can offer you maximum performance at the lowest strain on you.

You should get a fiberglass arrow of 31 to 32 inches’ length with this bow to aid your fishing sessions. One of the features like the Snap Shot rests that this bow makes everything easy and better for people who catch fish for pleasure.

Users get delighted at the sight of the bow fishing bow because of the accessories it includes. It also features a tube peep sight to your accuracy and sight.

Among the features include an aluminum stabilizer with about 6.5 inches, so that you get the maximum stability and support needed when you shoot at a fish.

One of the cons of the southland archery supply scorpii bow fishing bow is that it does not come assembled, so a beginner with no experience and knowledge about bows may not be able to fix or assemble them without the help of an expert.

The SAS Scorpii Compound Bow was manufactured for shooters. It is the best bowfishing compound bow that gives shooters the highest quality gear to hit the field with so much confidence.

This bow is regarded as a “compact powerhouse.” Note! To increase the life and durability of this bow, it features the Compressed ABS Limbs which increases the bow’s life and makes it extremely durable.

  • Adjusting the length is very easy, you have to remove and insert the screw into your desired draw length hole.
  • This bow is quite easy to carry for anglers because it is incredibly lightweight.
  • Every single accessory needed is perfectly packaged.
  • This bow is highly durable and reliable with good quality.
  • It is very smooth for handling.
  • The bow is great and perfect for amateurs and beginners.
  • No is no user manual included in the packaging.
  • The Southland Archery bow does not come assembled, so might be a bit of a challenge to beginners.

3. Ams Bowfishing Water Moc Recurve Bowfishing Kit

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This is a cheap bowfishing kit with an all-inclusive package. It is also one of the hunting bows for fish hunting that is ever reliable for outstanding performance. We have the AMS Retriever Pro Reel, Tidal Wave arrow rest and two fiberglass arrows with safety slide installed.

All you need do is mount everything, hit straight for the water and explore. The water Moc was explicitly made for life on the water. It has a sleek black, water-resistant seal over fully laminated limbs to ensure long life in wet environments.

Tired of the digital age and would like to go back to the old times doing the things that occur naturally to humans? The AMS will surely change how you feel when you hold a fishing bow.

Furthermore, you will feel completely comfortable and that this bow is a natural part of you because of its compact design with just a weight of 2.5 pounds.

A Quick Take Down! Pack it away in your truck for those unexpected opportunities. Only take this bow down by removing the string. Then remove the limbs by removing the thumb screws.

The Water Moc features an AMS designed magnesium riser with AMS exclusive, green koi accents and the AMS stamp of approval. The Water Moc Recurve bow is among the best bowfishing bow.

It is a purpose-built-for-bow fishing bow. The machined magnesium riser is light and even touts a trip-tightening or removing wrench. This is a takedown bow that will take up no space at all in a backpack or suitcase or hog up the entire backseat on a road trip.

The takedown bolt housings serve as a line-puller, and the Retriever is a time-proven bow fishing tool. Trust me! The fish won’t know what hit them by the time you take to the water with the AMS Water Moc Bow Fishing Recurve Bow.

It also features a comfortable non-slip grip for hours of bow fishing enjoyment. The Water Moc Takedown Bow Fishing Recurve Bow is a durable and trusty bow fishing companion, made to last on the water for a long time.

It comes with a bowstring with finger savers installed. Also, it includes limbs bolts, and a string nock. It is only sold in right-handed.

The kit includes the AMS Retriever TNT Bow Fishing Reel. The AMS Retriever TNT mounts easily and securely to the Water Moc recurve using the AMS sight holes (ATA Accessory holes).

The mounting clamp allows for perfect positioning of the AMS bow fishing reel. Adjust forward, backward, up and down with the turn of a thumb screw.

The mounting clamp features a single arrow quiver, for holding your bow fishing arrow securely when not in use. Also includes the durable AMS Tidal Wave Rest for keeping your arrow in place for any shot. AMS has a Chaos Point and Cyclone Tip.

It is a sturdy bow fishing arrow with a powerful fish point designed to penetrate tough scales. The barbs pivot to hold the fish for some time and release by loosening the tip.

An AMS Safety Slide is pre-installed on the arrow. It also includes bow string with finger savers installed, limb bolts, 25 yards of high visibility 200 braided Dacron line, and mounting hardware for the AMS Retrieve TNT reel.

  • It is capable of creating a traditional fishing process and feel.
  • Bowfishing bow of excellent quality and functional takedown that can handle pressure and any form of abuse.
  • It is very compact and lightweight in design.
  • So easy to assemble and fix, even for beginners or amateurs.
  • Durable build with laminated wood on the limbs that also make it waterproof It is known for speed and accuracy.
  • It can speedily handle any target with its draw weight and length.
No is no user manual included in the packaging.

  • It is only for right-handed people.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • It doesn’t include any bowstring

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4. Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Bow

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The Cajun bow fishing sucker punch bows are specially made for fun. With bow lights and perfectly featured with 50 pounds’ peak draw weight, with interchangeable draw modules and an adjustable draw length.

Coupled with 60-70% let off, It provides and enhances smooth and easy shooting or as long as it takes to clear the weight of daily work-out on your shoulders.

The deep cam grooves provided prevent derailment while banging around the boat bottom, so it’s ready to go and never fails you. The feeling the sucker punch bow gives you when handling is unique, like it’s specially made for you alone.

This bow was designed with the serious bow anglers in mind. Bear Archery (one who bought Cajun Archery), designed the sucker punch bow fishing bow with deep grooves in the cams to prevent derailment while on the water.

The sucker punch is 3.2 pounds and has a brace height of 7.25 inches. This makes for a seemingly easier to pull back bow.

It is just over 32 inches’ axle to axle, so it is compact enough to shoot at a close range of a shooting platform while still feeling very stable when you have to wait for the perfect time to aim and shoot.

For 50 ponds draw weight, it has enough muscle for a big game, but it can also be reduced down to around 30 pounds.

The sucker punch bow fishing bow comes with two different modules; the constant draw modules and the Draw-specific 60% let-off module.

The constant draw module is factory installed and allows an archer with any draw length to shoot the bow effectively without hesitations.

This module gives the bow a recurve feeling that many anglers are satisfied with. The Draw-specific let off, on the other hand, can be installed without the use of a bow press. Its draw length can be set from 17 to 31 inches.

  • Adjustability and versatility starting from switching cam modes to brace length and weight
  • Built from durability and high-quality material and design includes everything in its package
  • It is very compact and lightweight
  • A perfect draw length
  • High quality and highly functional hybrid reel
No is no user manual included in the packaging.

  • It has the most efficient snap shooting mode
  • The bows grips could be better

5. Pse Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing Kit

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The PSE’s Kingfisher features an All-season camo. This bow is a durable, hard-shooter and also a cheap bowfishing kit that goes easy on your pocket, that is why it is considered one of the fish hunting archery set for beginners.

The PSE Kingfisher bowfishing package was designed with the mobile hunter in mind. This 60 inches’ recurve is lightweight and perfect for quick shots on the fishes that only surface for a second.

The aluminum snapshot rest is made of high-grade aluminum and stainless steel parts, and ready to load and keeps the arrow enclosed.

This bow is strong enough to take down deer and small game in the season. PSE Kingfisher bow comes with the limbs not attached to the riser and will need to be assembled.

The riser has also been drilled and tapped on the side to accept an AMS style reel. The Kingfisher bow is back and now with an ideal 56 inches’ length for bowfishing.

The bow comes with a precision-machined riser, and the limbs are finished in PSE’s exclusive Flo Green DK’d pattern.

  • Lightweight and perfect for quick shots
  • High-grade aluminum and stainless steel parts that keep the arrow enclosed
  • Very durable and strong
No is no user manual included in the packaging.

  • It has the most efficient snap shooting mode
  • Product not assembled
  • For right-handed only

6. Gen-X Cuda Bowfishing Kit

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The Gen-x Cuda is an affiliate of Genesis, due to their simplicity and the fact that everyone in the boat bow fishing could use the same bow. It’s the friendliest bow for beginners and anglers.

This Bowfishing bow designed to give anglers an edge on the water. It is a cheap bowfishing kit. Their kits come equipped and assembled, with a Zebco 880 Bowfisher reel pre-spooled with 200lb.

Line, arrow rest, finger savers, fiberglass arrow with safety slide and a water camo pattern. It has an adjustable draw weight up to 40lbs, and the Gen-X Fish Bow is ideal for snap shooting fish with ease.

It utilizes the Gen-X Progressive Let-Off technology to make the drawing more accessible for all levels of anglers, either for beginners or otherwise.

It is sold as a stand-alone bow or as a kit that comes equipped with everything you need to get started. It is designed with the same progressive let-off technology as the Gen-X for an ultra-smooth draw cycle.

The draw weight can be easily adjustable from 25-40 lbs to accommodate a wide range of archers, and with finger savers included; it is perfect for snap shooting fish.

Gen-X Cuda is engineered with a 35.5 inches Axle-Axle length to enhance your stability and precision

  • Nice and great appearance.
  • Very easy to assemble
  • So smooth and a natural draw mechanism.
  • It supports a wide range of archers.
  • Best choice for beginners.
  • Versatile because of the adjustable length and weight
  • High quality and durable materials used in the build.
  • Bowstring is not included in its package.

7. Pse Archery, Mudd Dawg Bowfishing Bow

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PSE Mudd Dawg Bow fishing bow and arrow is the ultimate bow fishing built to perform under the harshest conditions.

It has a lightweight split limb design and a proven bow fishing optimized cams constructed from a single piece of aluminum to better cradle the string that can be snap shop just like a recurve.

This ensures superior finger shooting and delivers a consistent 30-40 pounds draw weight for snap shooting.

This bow provides anglers with a lightweight platform that is not only durable but designed using the latest technical advancements to perform like no other bow fishing bow ever built.

An Axle to Axle of 32.5-inch length makes it stable and versatile.  Its combo includes an AMS Pro Retriever, Snapshot Rest and an arrow.

The PSE Archery Mudd Dawg bowfishing bow was created to function as the best bowfishing bow product for any person needing a perfect fishing experience.

They are designed with reliable materials, to provide you with a product which will be useful for you for some time. The PSE Archery has been generating superior quality for a long time.

A hardcore bow fisherman needs a hardcore bow, and PSE Mudd Dawg is the bowfishing rig. This bow gets it done in the harshest conditions with its durable design and stainless steel hardware, which includes the PSE’s brand new bow fishing optimized cam.

  • It is very versatile and stable.
  • It has both left handed and right handed module.
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Effective for an extended period
  • It is designed with dependable materials.
  • It is quite a tough bow to use for beginners.

8. Ams Bowfishing Juice Bow Kit

best bowfishing bow for fish hunting

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The AMS Bowfishing Juice Bow is fun to shoot with, and this is because of the smooth drawing. It has got an ultra-adjustable, super-maneuverable high let off the fish killing machine.

This compound, built to the bowfishing bow is small nature, excellent performance and unmatched in adjustability that will allow you to target any fish.

The performance of the bow solely depends on you. In other words, the more power you give to it, the faster its speed would be and the more accurate you are, you should also expect much accuracy.

AMS Bowfishing Juice Bow comes with a reel that is manually operated, so if you want to catch bigger fishes, you will have to spend more energy on it.

This Bow is excellent for beginners as it arrives completely ready to be used, with all its parts assembled. The reel is attached to it and fixed right below the notch point of the arrow.

In that case, beginners do not have to go through the process of understanding how to set it up or how to shoot it. It is quite easy to use, and the bow weighs so less that anyone will be able to handle it without having to go through stress.

  • Bow weighs 8 pounds, and the draw weight ranges from 15-30 pounds, this makes it very easy to shoot.
  • An attached retriever reel under the notch point of the arrow has a gives it a convenient draw length of 17-30 inches Smooth appearance.
  • An adjustable draw length Very comfortable to use with the combination of features like the grip and weight
  • The strings are not very durable.

9. Ams Bowfishing Retriever Pro Combo Kit

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The AMS Retriever Pro Combo bowfishing bow is one of the best fishing bows that has an all-inclusive kit with the best-selling products.

This cheap bowfishing kit has everything you need to get started in the great sport of bow fishing using your existing bow. Everything you need to get started with bow fishing is included in this Combo kit.

It is the fastest and most convenient bow. AMS Retriever Combo kit is made with a new material that is stronger, corrosion resistant and lighter than ever before.

It has the best accessories integrated into one single unit that results in high performance, and also durable, it can last for as long as you want.

The Retriever’s line stacks conveniently in an integrated container, this eliminates almost all drag, allowing you to take a more in-depth and more extended shot.

Their arrows can be retrieved in a matter of seconds, all you need do is pull the convenient trigger and crank to recover, and there is no bail to release.

The AMS Retriever’s reel allows a perfect positioning. An integrated telescoping clamp mounted to the sight holes on your bow, easily adjusts backward, forward, up and down with the turn of a single screw.

  • Durable with an impressive high performance
  • Very lightweight and easy to draw back
  • All accessories are included in the package
  • Already packaged and assembled
  • Fast and very convenient
  • Only for right handed hunters

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Best fish hunting archery bow Buyer’s Guide

Things You Should Take into Consideration When Getting a Bow Fishing Bow:

Despite the fishing bow and the hunting bow serving the same purpose. Fish hunting with the best bow is more effective, accurate and different from the hunting bow. Here are some features that might help you decide on a better bow fishing bow:


The arrows are to be taken into consideration when getting a bowfishing bow. The bowfishing arrows need to be stronger as they need to go through water and then attack with accuracy than the hunting arrows.

Excellent and solid bowfishing arrows are made from solid aluminum or carbon fiber, fiberglass. The bow fishing bows are specifically designed for moving through waters.


The Lines are usually attached to the arrow, and it is gotten from braided nylon, spectra, and the weight varies from 80-600 pounds, depending on the size of the bow fishing bow.


The Bows are not so different from the regular bows. The bowfishing bows are of various kinds; the longbows and the recurve bows.

The longbows as their name implies, are long in the build. They are the most common bows used and have adequate power which is between fifty to ninety pounds for freshwater fishing.

On the other hand, the recurve bows have curves at their both ends. Their curves make them shorter in length than the longbows and also possess much higher power than longbows.

They can be used while fishing for stronger and tougher fishes. We also have the compound bows, and it is a combination of both the recurve and the longbows.

These kinds of a bow (compound bows) requires more strength to draw and provides more power compared to the other bow fishing bows


There are three kinds of bow fishing reels, and they are the; hand-wind reel, the spin-cast reel and then the most expensive of all, the retriever reels.

The hand-wind reels are the cheapest bow fishing bow, and its line can be retrieved manually. I can say that it’s not the best option because it takes time and limits your area of the target as well.

The other is the spin-cast reel; they are like the usual hand crank reels of regular fishing poles and are faster than the hand-wind reels. Lastly, is the retriever reel, and is being classified as the best and most expensive reel.

It allows an automatic line feed and release that makes the process of fishing fast. Because of their capacity, accuracy, and strength, they can be used for catching strong and large animals like an alligator.

Bow length

Another thing to be considered is the bow length. It is essential for you to decide the length of the bow you want you to use. Using a bow that is too long or short makes it uncomfortable for usage.

A bow’s length determines the strength needed and the power provided to some extent.

Draw weight

The draw weight is entirely dependent on your capability and the size of the fish. You should get a bow fishing bow whose draw weight adjustable from 20-40 pounds.

The more the weight, the bigger the fishes you can target. The brace height is very important to be considered when choosing a bow fishing bow.

A shorter brace height increases the arrow speed, while the longer ones decrease its speed.


Comfort while using the bow when fishing is something we all enjoy in bow fishing therefore, a fishing bow and arrow with a good “Rest” provides all that comfort.

Discomfort irritates and distracts you when fishing. The rest should sit comfortably and correctly where it should be. No matter the type of fish you want to catch, if you are not able to carry the weight of the bow, you won’t be able to shoot with accuracy to catch the fish.

So make sure you check the weight of the bow, to know if you can deal with the weight of the bowfishing bow, otherwise, you might end up with an empty basket.

Durability is one major thing you should look out for when getting a bow fishing bow. Your bow is useless if it is not durable.

It wastes time and money and also kills the enthusiasm that comes with fishing. So, whatever bow you get make sure its features are built to last for a very long time.

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The best fish hunting bow like those mentioned above gives no room for mistakes or regrets during bow fishing. All accessories or equipment are designed perfectly that will help improve your fishing skills.

These bows mentioned above are perfect and have all the required features needed. These compound bows are chosen because they possess all the best and essential features and specifications that anglers require for their passion.

With these best bowfishing bow mentioned above for your notice, now your problems are completely solved. If you are a hunter, and very passionate about fishing, here are your best compound bow fishing bows.