9 Best game carts for hunting – Easiest means to haul game in 2020

Best game carts for hunting – Hunting if fun especially when you were able to get your target. The expression on the face of every hunter whenever they hunt down deer is second to none but all can turn south with concern on how to carry the deer to where you parked your UTV or truck.

Considering how heavy a deer is, as an average deer weighs about 200 pounds, you need a quality game cart to haul game to where you parked your car. The cart makes it easier for you to move any animal from the hunt site to wherever you want.

Does this mean the deer cart can only be used for hauling deer? No. you will notice most of them you will find in any online stores and local stores are called game cart which means they can be used for carrying other animals and not just deer.

Choosing your game carts for hunting

With large numbers of game carts in the market, it might turn out to be a difficult task for you to choose the right one especially if you are buying for the first time. To make the whole process easier for you, we have the lists of the best products you can consider.

With this in mind, we will share with you the different game carts for deer and elk hunting you are likely to come across in the market.

Game carts for deer

1. Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler

The Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler takes the crown from our lists of the best for deer hauling because of the strength, durability, design and how easy it is for hunters to haul there from hunting site to wherever they are going to.

It has high load capacity as it can accommodate deer weighing up to 550lbs. the bed material of the hauler cart is made of 100 percent polyester and the heavy-duty steel uses as the frame and brace offer plenty of strength for hauling heavy game.

The design of the hauler features 2 buckle straps to fix the deer on the cart. One of the interesting parts of the hauler is the 20 inches puncture-proof slid tires with steel rims and spokes that make it easier for you to move the hauler with the deer on it.

Also, the deer hauler cart comes in folding style with the dimension of 56.5″L x 29″W when folded which makes it easier to store when not in use. With the deer cart, you have no worry about hauling your game whenever you go out to hunt.


  • Well-built and very sturdy
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Perfect for transporting game weighing up to 550 pounds
  • Very easy to use and move around with the help of the puncture-proof tires


  • The straps are a little bit cheesy
  • A little bit bulky


2. Rage Powersports Kill Shot

The Rage Powersports Kill Shot is a heavy-duty game hauler that is ideal for anyone who in need of a better means to transport the animal from the killing spot. The hauler is well built to save you the stress and time of dragging the game out of the woods on a sled.

The use of the deer cart reduces the chance of back pain and strain. If you are looking for a game cart for heavy deer, you should consider this cart as it has the capacity to withstand game weighing up to 750 lbs.

The game cart is made with heavy-duty steel, the solid rubber tires, steel rims, steel spokes and steel tube frame all make it easier for anyone to use and carry about easily even when the game is one the cart.

The interesting features of the cart include 2 buckle straps that help to secure the game and ensure it is stable on the cart, the handle is comfy and doesn’t leave a blister on one’s palm if you are no wearing gloves and it can be folded when not in use for easy storage.


  • Foldable with wheels removed for easy storage
  • The top handle is adjustable for perfect height for users
  • A quick wire spring assembly
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Perfect for heavy game


  • It has no significant setback


3. Best choice Folding Large Deer Game Hauler Cart

The smoothness and easy free movement of using the Best choice Folding Large Deer Game Hauler Cart to haul game can never be overlooked which is why the deer cart makes this list as it got all it takes to compete with the first spot.

The game cart is incredibly designed with steel construction with the capacity to withstand game weighing up to 500 pounds. It is lightweight and unimaginable easy to move with the help of the solid rubber wheels which are designed to withstand rough terrains.

Due to its rugged build, it can be used to haul game, firewood, hunting equipment for hunters that do not want to carry any backpack to their hunting site. You also need to know it has foldable construction as you can remove the wheels before folding up the cart for storage when not in use.


  • Well balanced with zero weight on the handle
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Easy to set up and unfold
  • Sturdy frame design


  • A little bit noisy


4. X-Stand Treestands Deluxe Game Cart

The X-Stand Treestands Deluxe Game Cart is here to serve you better as it is all that you need to easily haul your deer from the killing point to where you park your truck or UTV. No one has ever regretted using this game cart as it got amazing positive reviews from hunters that have used it.

One of the interesting parts of the game cart is the versatility which allows it to be used for hauling all kinds of animals. The ergonomic design of the hauler makes it easier for hunters to use it for any tough and challenging work.

The only setback that can be seen with the game cart is that it comes with lower hauling capacity and can only withstand animal or object weighing up to 300 pounds. The cart can easily fit the trunk of your car and you can take it along while heading to your hunting site.


  • Smooth and easy to haul animals
  • Very easy to move
  • Stable hauling
  • Well-built and durable


  • Not stable on all terrains


5. Hawk Crawler Deer and Multi Use Cart

The list of the best deer cart will not be complete without adding Hawk Crawler Deer and Multi-Use Cart. The way at which the cart is constructed makes it easier for you to haul your game from any spot to wherever you want to take it to.

The compact design, folding frame, long handle enhances the movement of the cart. One of the interesting features of the cart is the 360º dual pivoting axles which make it easier for you to move the cart with heavy deer on tough and rough terrains.

The large four oversized tires offer stability and smooth movement as it offers even load distribution for effortless use. The dura mesh sling is incredible and useful when moving but the setback with it is that you have to purchase that separately.

Apart from the fact it is said to be used for hauling deer, it can be used for other animals within the weight range of 550 pounds.


  • Giant wheels
  • Large carrying capacity of 550 pounds
  • Dura mesh sling
  • Stable hauling


  • A little bit heavy
  • No straps included


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Game carts for elk

6. Sherpa Hunting Game Cart

The Sherpa Hunting Game Cart is a stylishly designed game cart designed form the united states and plainly made from aluminum. From the look of it, you will realize it has no sophisticated design as it comes all simple and lightweight.

It is very easy for you to move around to ease you from the stress of dragging your elk in the wood. It is such a wonderful game cart for you to consider. It comes with two large tires of 20 inches that have scent free wheels with sealed bearings that can take on any terrains.

The total weight of the cart is 14 pounds with the capacity to accommodate elk weighing up to 300 pounds. It has a fold-flat design which makes it easier for transport. One of the interesting sides of the cart is that it is very easy to set up.


  • Foldable design for easy transport
  • Quick easy setup
  • It has a strong and durable aluminum frame
  • Durable, strong and lightweight
  • Very easy to move around with a game


  • It only accommodates animal that weighs 300 pounds


7. Kill Shot Game Cart with Tow Bar

If you are going to hunt and you realize your ATV can’t get to the hunting site and you are concerned about how to transport your game, then you should consider Kill Shot Game Cart with Tow Bar. It is one of the convenient game carts you will be glad you own.

The heavy-duty cart can be used to transport game weighing up to 750 pounds. The capacity is enough to carry two elk without giving any sign of damages. The design of the game cart integrates padded rubber sleeves on the tow bar to prevent damage to the game cart.

Setting up the game cart requires no tools and that makes it easier and straightforward to use. With the solid rubber 20 inches, wheels make it easy for you to move the cart over any rough terrain.


  • It has side braces, securing straps and two bars
  • Large tires for easy movement
  • Multiple adjustable handle height
  • Comfortable to use in any situation


  • It has no significant setback


8. Meat Wagon Game Cart

The Meat Wagon Game Cart is a wonderful and compact game cart that can be used for all kinds of game hauling activities. All you just have to do with the cart is to unfold, load it with your game and effortlessly drag to your truck where you unload it.

It is easier than dragging your game all through the wood or field to where you parked your car. The construction of the cart makes it sturdy and durable to withstand whatever thrown at it. It is smooth and easier to use for anyone.

The design integrates anti-puncture tires that last longer. The tires are strong and durable to walk through any terrain easily. It has a fold-flat design for easy storage and the tie-down straps help to keep your game secured.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps for easy transport
  • Tie-down straps to secure the game
  • Very easy and safe to use for anyone
  • Fold-flat for easy storage
  • Strong, durable and lightweight


  • It has no setback


9. Folding game hauler cart dolly

The Folding game hauler cart dolly is one of the efficient hauling carts that can be used for a wide range of animals. The design of the cart makes it stylish and it has all that is required to ensure move your animal easily without stress.

The design of the cart integrates removable wheels which makes it easier for you to store when not in use. You just need to fold after removing with wheels. But when you are set to use, you should unfold and load it with your game and drag to where you have your ATV parked.

The cart requires assembly and you might have to seek the assistance of the experts to do that. So, if you need a budget-friendly cart for hauling needs, then you should consider the folding game hauler cart dolly.


  • Removable rubber wheel for storage
  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Hold game up to 500 pounds
  • Lightweight and comfortable to move


  • Assemble is quite difficult with no instructional manual


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How to use your deer cart?

Best game carts for hunting

Now, that you have got your cart and you are set for hunting, it is important that you know how you can use it for optimal operation. If your cart needs assemble, you should do that before you leave your home.

Once that is settled, you just place it at the trunk of your car. Ensure you opt for a foldable design cart so you can easily store it in your car with some other hunting gear you need. Once you get to your hunting location, you can then unfold it and move to your specific hunting location.

After you must have had a successful hunting outing and you are set to head back to where you have your car parked, you have to load the cart with your game. Most do come with a strap to help you secure your game.

Just ensure you make use of the strap to secure the game on the cart and then you can move the cart through the handle and drag easily to where you have your UTV or truck parked.

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Importance of using a game cart for hauling game

Best game carts for hunting

Investing in-game cart can never be a wrong decision for any hunter. If you ever consider or look into how difficult it is to drag animals through the wood, you will easily admit the use of game cart is the easiest and healthy means to haul your game.

  • Easy transport

The use of a game cart will reduce or eliminate your chance of having back pain and muscle strain as a result of dragging your game. It makes it easier for you to transport your game from hunting location to where you have your car parked.

  • It goes where your vehicle can’t go to

Other benefits of owning a game cart are that it can easily move to places where your ATV can’t get to. There are occurrences where you have to go too deep in the wood for you to target your game and the best hauling device for such a situation is a quality game cart.

  • Versatile

A game cart can be used to carry more than a game as you can use it to transport your hunting gear. So instead of going to your hunting location with your backpack on your back, you can easily place it on your game cart and drag to your hunting site so you stay refreshed for the hunting quest.

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Things to consider when buying folding deer cart

Best game carts for hunting

There are important things that you should consider whenever you intend to buy game carts for hunting.

  • Weight of the cart

If you are planning to get a game cart, one of the following factors that you need to consider is the weight of the cart itself. You need to consider you have to carry it or drag it most times to your hunting location and then you should opt for a lightweight cart that won’t add more weight to you.

  • Load capacity

The next thing you should consider is the load capacity of the cart. An average deer weighs 250 pounds or more and you need a cart that has the capacity to hold such game. So, it is advisable that you opt for a cart with larger capacity such as 500 or 700 pounds.

  • Construction

It is a vital factor you should consider. You need a cart that is durable and strong to withstand the pressure and rigor of hauling game from one place to another. If you hunt regularly, the construction of the cart should top your priority lists.

  • Wheel

The wheel is also among things to consider. It will determine how easy it will be for you to move your cart when loaded with a game. Getting a cart with a wheel that can handle all terrain is a plus to you.

  • Strap

Not all game cart comes with straps. It is not that necessary and you shouldn’t overlook some quality carts because they lack straps. The straps are just there to help you secure the game on the cart whenever you are walking through rough and unbalanced terrains.

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Looking for the best game carts for hunting, you have found yourself in the right place. We have made comprehensive research and reviews and we have been able to come up with the lists of the best for you to consider.