10 Best hunting jacket for cold weather – All season hunting jackets 2020

Hunting during cold weather seasons can be fun and exciting, but only when you have all the right gear in place. The whole experience can be cut short if you don’t have enough warm clothing, especially during an extremely cold situation. This is why you need the best hunting jacket for cold weather.

Hunters need to make sure they are always staying warm during winter hunting. This will increase their focus, prevent their fingers from going numb, especially because dexterity is needed for firing a weapon.

While there are many cold weather hunting items that you ought to own, our focus in this post is on hunting jackets.

Hunting clothing: Essential or optional

best hunting jacket for cold weather

Having spent many years as a health and safety officer, I got to know the importance of PPE, or personal protective equipment. Jackets are among them.

Each profession has its distinct protective equipment, but appropriate attire is common across the board. When hunting as a professional or for sport, you need to keep your body safe while in the field, and jackets are just one way to do that.

Before we share with you some hunting jackets you should consider, here are the facts on how hunting attire is essential:

  • Protects the body from direct contact with extreme temperatures
  • Keeps the body warm
  • Offers a degree of protection against rugged terrain (perhaps after a small fall)
  • Some items are made of Gore-Tex or water-resistant/proof materials, preventing water or dew from sipping into your inner clothing and ensuring you remain dry during your entire hunt.

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What Hunting Clothes are the Warmest?

best hunting jacket for cold weather

You should always look for the warmest material when selecting the best type of hunting jacket. The best advice for a hunter is to settle for light but warm hunting coats. These provide ease of movement since they are not bulky.

Remember, as a hunter, you still need to carry other items that you may need in the pockets of your hunting coat. If you pick a heavy-duty coat, it may interfere with your ability to move as the bulkiness can affect your arm mobility and therefore your aim and reach.

The types of clothing you want should be of high-quality material, preferably a Gore-Tex fabric or something similar that can fend off the cold. You need to make sure you stay warm throughout your time in the field as well.

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Our top picks for the best hunting jacket for the enthusiastic hunter are listed below. These hunting jackets have been researched thoroughly so you can be assured that you’re getting a quality product.

10. ARES SPORT Camo Hunting Jacket

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The ARES SPORT Camo Hunting Jacket is a water-resistant winter jacket. It is suitable for all outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, and camping. The coat will keep you warm and dry due to the high quality material it is made from.

The craftsmanship of the jacket is superb with two layers of weather resistant fabric.

The outer section of the hunting jacket is comprised of four-way stretchable bonded 100% polyester with 100% polyester micro-fleece.

While the inner has padding made of 100% nylon. This hunting jacket has a camouflage outer shell with a detachable padded inner jacket which makes it durable, lightweight, and capable of keeping you warm during a winter hunt.

The craftsmanship makes this coat water-resistant and its overall design ensures it offers you a comfortable feel as it keeps you free from snow, water, wind, and rain.

The hunting jacket has many pockets where you can keep some valuable things safe and away from water. It comes with an adjustable sleeve cuff and bottom hem to ensure it fit whosoever that wears it.


  • Perfect at keeping cold air out
  • Ideal for all kind of outdoor activities during winter
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Pockets for storage space
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Has good insulation for the cold weather


  • For men only
  • Does not come with complementary pants

9. North Mountain Gear Ghillie Suit

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The North Mountain Gear Ghillie Suit is a haven for those in search of a fitted hunting jacket for cold weather. It can be bought through online and at in-person locations.

While ordinary camo hunting suits come with a thin cover of loosely stitched leaves, this North Mountain Gear Ghillie Suit features a thick double-stitched coat filled with cut leaves. The leaves also break up the image of the hunter, making it harder for prey to see the hunter.

The design and craftsmanship of the suit makes it a perfect fit. An ideal choice for most hunters. Without a doubt, it is one of the best camouflage jackets on the market today.

Its key elements have a full front zipper, attached hood, and two large zippered front slash pockets. As part of the design to make it custom fit for those who wear bow hunting vests, it has elastic cuffs and a fine waist tuner.

Its primary fabric is premium polyester fleece material, which makes it lightweight, breathable, waterproof, and windproof.

The suit uses advanced mid-weight inner suit to ensure that you can use it during the summer and winter season. It’s not just called one of the best cold weather bow hunting jackets for fun, but it is indeed one of the best with its excellent performance.


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Perfect for winter and summer hunting
  • Ghillie style makes the hunter nearly invisible
  • Contains deeply sized pockets for your hunting equipment or a cell phone
  • Sleek design, lightweight and breathable
  • Comes with complementing pants


  • Ghillie material can catch on other foliage easily, possibly frustrating or even harming inexperienced users

8. King’s Camo Classic Cotton Insulated Jacket Realtree Edge

best hunting jacket

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The King’s Camo Classic Cotton Insulated Jacket Realtree Edge is a dynamic bow hunting vest every hunting enthusiast should consider for personal protective equipment.

This is one of the hunting jackets for winter that is also suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. The jacket craftmanship integrates 180 polyfill grams of insulation, which makes it one of the warmest jackets for hunting.

The cotton ripstop material used is solid and reliable. It will keep cold air away and ensure the inside of the jacket remains warm in adverse conditions.

As part of the design to ensure that the wearer is comfortable, the jacket incorporates an attached drawstring hood which serves as added protection for the wearer’s head with side entry warming pockets where you can keep the hand warm when you are not holding the bow.

The hunting jacket has a zip pocket on the chest and two inside pockets, which makes it three pockets in total.

It also has an extended back to make it comfortable for the average wearer. It’s not quite a one-size fits all situation, but most wearers will fit this jacket well.


  • Not too bulky
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Extended back for a perfect fit
  • Perfect for winter hunting


  • Only comes in one type of camo

7. Lucky Bums Koda Adventure Hunting Jacket

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The Lucky Bums Koda Adventure Hunting Jacket is next on our list of the best cold weather hunting jackets. If you need a quality hunting jacket to perform excellently during winter, this is one option to consider because of its high performance.

Also referred to as a parka, this turtle neck is made from a quiet fabric, which makes you less noticeable so animals will not be alerted to your presence whenever you move in the field while hunting.

You need to know it is a versatile bow hunting vest as it comes in handy during fall, winter, and spring. For winter use, you have to ensure that the bow hunting clothing liner is securely zipped for superior insulation.

In fall or spring, you have to shed the liner of the jacket to turn the parka into a lighter weight waterproof jacket. It is the best for a hunter who is on a low budget and can’t afford to get four kinds of hunting jackets for each season.

The setback with this jacket is that they did not design it for adults. The insulation from the jacket gives your child an extra dose of coziness, as it helps to maintain the body heat and as well keep out frigid air.

This is one of the hunting jackets made from materials similar to Gore-Tex. It has excellent waterproof properties, which makes it effective against rain, snow, and sleet. It is capable of keeping your kids safe whenever they are out in the field to hunt.

Like most hunting jackets, it has many deep pockets to hold your valuable items while hunting.


  • Extra padding for comfort
  • Its base layers are well insulated for maximum warmth
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Versatile as it can be used for three different seasons
  • Cheap and affordable


  • Ideal for youths and not an option for adults
  • No complementing pants

6. Legendary Whitetails Men’s Lockdown Jacket

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The Legendary Whitetails Men’s Lockdown Jacket is a stylish men hunting jacket that is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and hunting.

This is just a jacket so you will have to buy hunting pants to compliment. The design of the jacket is simple, and its appearance clearly shows this.

Its construction integrates two base layers. The first, which also acts as the lining, is nylon and the second one is 100% polyester. The jacket is perfect for cold-weather use, so every hunter can have confidence in it to keep them warm and secure while hunting.

This jacket is lightweight and very durable. It can pass all the requirements of bow hunting clothing. The jacket features a durable water repellent finish, which makes it quite easy to get keep snow and rain from getting into the jacket.

The lining of the jacket has HuntGuard® Reflextec™ which helps to trap body heat and ensure insulation is in place to keep the body warm.


  • Durable nylon diamond grid for added strength and durability
  • Lightweight
  • It is durable
  • Made from quality materials
  • Adjustable draw cord and zipper closure for a perfect fit
  • The double-layer aspect ensures maximum insulation


  • Camo pattern is only apparent on the shoulders and wrists

5. Drake Men’s MST Camo Eqwader

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Looking for the best hunting clothing for your money? The Drake Men’s MST Camo Eqwader is the top contender among our other options.

This hunting jacket is stylishly designed to win the heart of all hunters and help them perform excellently in the field.

The jacket is the product of breathable fabric with waterproof properties that offer the wearer a greater level of comfort and keeps them warm.

It is a moisture wicking fleece that is used to ensure that the hunting jacket is breathable to prevent the build-up of perspiration and moisture vapor. The hunting jacket is ideal for keeping you dry both inside and out whenever you are in the field hunting for game.

The design of the hunting clothes is convenient with its zippered chest pocket, two magnetic pockets on the outside, adjustable neoprene cuffs, mid-chest adjustment cinch cord, and a waist adjustment cinch cord that provides a perfect fit for the wearer.


  • Designed to last long
  • Durable and strong
  • Can keep the body warm
  • Waterproof properties


  • Only comes in one style

4. Legendary Whitetails Camo Jacket

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The Legendary Whitetails Camo Jacket is one resourceful piece of hunting clothing you should consider if you are in the market for a hunting jacket.

The hunting jacket may look bulky, but it is lightweight and breathable with the blaze orange accents which make it alluring. It guarantees swift and fast movement if you need to move quickly. The orange also makes you visible for other hunters to reduce the risk of an accident.

The hunting jacket is one of the best for cold weather hunting, and hunting enthusiasts should consider it. If you want a reliable jacket that can keep you warm and get rid of or shut out cold air, the Legendary Whitetails Camo Jacket is the perfect option for you.

This wonderful hunting jacket has all that it takes to get you through the hunting experience you desire. The design integrates zippered pockets, which makes the hunting jacket appealing to anyone who needs to hold a few spare items. The zippered pockets also act as a great safeguard for your precious properties during hunting.

The design of the jacket makes it a perfect fit for anyone thanks to the extended cuffs and thumbholes that come along with the jacket. It also has an insulated and removable hood that serves as an extra covering. Finally, draw cords on the hood allow the wearer to find a comfortable fit



  • Heavy duty
  • Has a stylish finish
  • Comfortable and safe to wear
  • Orange accents highlight the wearer to prevent hunting accidents
  • Shuts out cold air
  • Has an open fit, it can fit just any adult body size


  • The orange accents may also make the hunter visible to prey

3. Gamehide Elimitick Insect Repellent Cover Up Jacket

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The Gamehide Elimitick Insect Repellent Cover Up Jacket is a resourceful hunting jacket that meets every demand to keep the hunter safe and warm during the cold hunting seasons.

The hunting jacket is ideal for keeping out cold air during the winter months. Its main fabric is 100% polyester with a layer of soft and silent hush hide fabric to make it lightweight and easy to use.

It has two slash style front pockets to keep some things and sometimes place your hand to keep it warm. The front zipper of the jacket attaches to the hood which serves as added support for the wearer.

With elastic cuffs, you can adjust this cold weather hunting jacket for added protection and a perfect fit.

One of the major challenges some hunters face while hunting is how to get rid of insects and this hunting jacket offers a lasting solution. It comes with insect repellent properties which help to keep insects at bay. With this function, the hunter can focus their gaze more on their prey and get the most out of the hunting session.


  • Has a stylish and sleek finish design
  • Has excellent insect repellent properties
  • Lightweight yet heavy duty
  • Is strong and durable


  • Only comes in one style/color

2. Arcturus 3D Leaf Ghillie Suit

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The Arcturus 3D Leaf Ghillie Suit is one of the best cold weather bow hunting suits for anyone looking for a warm hunting jacket for the winter.

It is a super deal for all hunters as it comes with a top, hood, and pants to ensure you have a perfect hunting performance with few setbacks.

The hunting jacket weighs less than two pounds thanks to the material it is made of. It has a layer of a thin, yet strong mesh base.

The leafy appearance breaks up the user’s image to reduce visibility to prey. However, this also makes it more likely the wearer to get stuck on branches, sticks, and so on.

The jacket is ideal for both winter and summer hunting as it warm and makes the condition bearable for whoever is wearing the suits. Even though it is made for winter, it is best to avoid rain or wet spots as the materials are not waterproof.



  • Perfect for winter and summer hunting
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Very strong and reliable
  • Hides the user well


  • Ghillie style suits can be hard to use for the inexperienced
  • Camo pattern is only useful for specific regions in the US


Our top pick for a woman hunting jacket

1. Under Armour Women’s Mid Season Wool Jacket

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The Under Armor Women’s Mid Season Wool Jacket is a female hunting jacket that any woman crazy about hunting should consider during winter.

It is one of the best hunting jackets for cold weather to be considered for female hunters. The jacket consists of 82% Acrylic and 13% wool with 5% elasterell. It has been made with high-quality materials, making it easier for you to catch your prey unaware.

The hunting jacket is windproof, and has an inner layer that makes it lightweight with stretch wool to keep you warm under cold conditions. It is very breathable to ensure you remain comfortable for as long you remain out hunting, and yet doesn’t sacrifice warmth.

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What is the Best Hunting Boot for Cold Weather?

Now that you have reviewed our list of the best hunting jackets to use during cold weather, we look at some other gear that you may need for extreme cold weather hunting. Hunters can use many hunting boots when out trekking through the forest. The focus of this article is on the best hunting clothes for cold weather and not hunting boots.

What are the Warmest Gloves for Hunting?

Hunting gloves are one of the most essential items for a hunter. They preserve the hunter’s dexterity when using a bow or rifle and keep their fingers warm.

Gloves also keep the hand safe from blisters and sores that would be a setback and affects one’s hunting performance.

You can read more about the different types of gloves you can choose for hunting. We have all that covered in our post on the best archery gloves. The best type to use during cold weather is the full style that will cover the whole of your hand and shut out the cold air.

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A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Cold Weather Hunting Clothes

Here are some important factors that you need to consider when buying hunting clothing for winter hunting.


The material of the clothing you are about to buy for winter hunting must have the capacity to keep out the rain, cold, and wind from your body. Because of this, the best material for hunting that doesn’t come with a bloated price tag is polyester. It is relatively strong and reliable. It will keep the cold and rain out, thereby keeping you warm.

Seam Protection

It is not good to purchase a hunting jacket to keep you dry and warm during the raining season or cold, and then discover it lacks proper seam protection. For this reason, you should ensure that you consider the seam protection of the clothing before purchasing. Otherwise, there is a high chance that your jacket will rip in key areas.

Weight of the Clothing

The weight of the hunting clothing you have will determine your comfort level. If you get a material that will cause discomfort, it will affect your overall performance. So, you must consider the weight of the clothing and choose the one that will make you comfortable.

Step by Step Guide to Cleaning a Hunting Jacket

This guide will help you appropriately clean your hunting jacket. Follow the guide to make the right decision.

Get the Scent-Free Detergent Ready

If you are washing your hunting jacket, we advise you to not use any scented detergent or soap. You should use a scent-free detergent or scent killer bar soap. It will help you to neutralize all the odor or scent that you might have in your jacket.

Scented soaps have a tendency to attract insects.

Soak the Hunting Gear in Water

The next step is for you to soak the jacket in water. You can either use of cold water of warm water, either works. Just ensure you soak in the water and leave for about 10 minutes before you move to the next step. Some clothing material does not require too much scrubbing, so the detergent will do more to help you get rid of scents and dirt.


Now that you have soaked the hunting cloth for some minutes, it is time for you to wash it. You can gently move a light brush around the surface of the cloth to get rid of any stains and then wring out the material to get the water out of the cloth after rinsing it in clean water.

Drain and Air Dry

The next step is to drain or dry the hunting cloth. We recommend finding a place to hang dry it as dryers may damage the materials.

How to Dress for Cold Weather Hunting?

There are no special tricks or methods for dressing during winter. You only have to make sure that you are covered in such a way that keeps cold air from having direct contact with your body with plenty of insulation in between.

You need to be warm as the cold condition can make you feel less motivated to hunt which is why you need a high quality hunting cold-weather jackets.

For this reason you need a heated hunting jacket, possibly the one with a hood to cover your head, a hunting pant, waterproof hunting boots, and padded gloves to keep the hands warm as well.

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Cold weather should not stop you from hunting when you have the best hunting jacket for cold weather available to you. You don’t have a choice, every hunter needs to wear protective gear in the field.

For those who hunt during the cold frigid condition, here are some of the best hunting jackets that you should consider buying with some even working for summer hunting. Check out the list to make the right decision for yourself.


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