7 Best hunting pants for cold weather – All season pants and tops 2020

The winter is here, and it’s time for you to get your best hunting pants for cold weather and not for the dead from the game of thrones.

If you are lucky to get a pant with your hunting jacket, this post isn’t for you unless you have the need to get one. We also advise that you read some other posts we have on this blog that might be of interest to you.

This post is aimed at those who need the best insulated hunting pants. Let’s take you through your quest for quality hunting pants.

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What are the best hunting pants? – why you should have one

Either you are searching for a hunting pant for yourself or someone, you are just at the right place.

Some are lucky to have their pants along with their hunting shirt during the purchase, but for those who are not lucky to have such deal, you might have to get one separately.

Hunting pants compliment the jacket. One of the essential hunting gears that you must have is the hunting pants. Going to the hunting field with casual pant will expose you to some unseen dangers.

The materials used for casual pants do not have the sturdiness and toughness of pants specially made for hunting. Hunting pants are specially made with materials to withstand the nature of the profession.

It plays a vital role to keep the lower part of the body safe and prevent contact with any external material.

Do you need the best cold weather hunting pants?

Everyone in episode two of season 8 of the game of thrones on the night before facing the white walker’s sort for the best place to keep warm but wearing an insulated shirt and top could have been a perfect solution. Anyway, they got fireworks to keep themselves warm.

Using firework during your hunt to keep yourself warm will be quite stressful and sometimes demanding which is why you need the complete hunting clothing to keep your body warm during winter.

The use of hunting pants has nothing to do with the season or time of use. The aim of wearing the pants is to keep the body safe, and during cold weather, it helps to keep cold air out and keep the lower part of the body warmth.

Note: cold feet can affect one’s hunting experience or performance which is why you need the best hunting pants for the money to help keep your body warm and prevent you from having scratches from woods and other things while walking in the bush.

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Best hunting pants for cold weather Reviews

Let’s take you through the research picked hunting pants by experts that you should consider. We suggest you as well read out comprehensive reviews and guide on the best hunting jacket for cold weather.

1. Kryptek Stalker Camo Hunting Pant

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One of the best Kryptek pants to consider for hunting during winter is the Stalker Camo Hunting Pant. Hunting requires that you have all the essential gears to perform excellently and pants isn’t an exemption.

Using a casual pant is never a right decision because most are made with materials that can handle the pressure and all that hunting will throw at them which is why getting the Kryptek Stalker Camo Hunting Pant is a perfect decision.

Backcountry hunting gear and battlefield

The hunting pant is ideal for both battlefield and backcountry hunting. It is preferable to other hunting pants because of its invisible action which makes the stealthiest camo on the planet.

The pant has a near invisible action since it conjures a 3D appearance on a 2D surface with macro and micro layering.

Apart from the invisibility features, the pant has a pocket positioned in convenient places to make it easier for you to access some things you store in the pocket.

It has a functional design, and that makes it durable, lightweight and fitted for all.

Strength and utility

The pant is designed with ultra-tough stitching which makes it withstand the rigor of anything thrown at it. The design integrates sun protection which helps to protect the life span of the product.

Also, the pant has advanced fabric technology which improves the dry time whenever you wash and also improves the durability of the pant. ‘

As part of the design, it has heavy duty reinforced knees and seat, and it has Valhalla leg pocket on the right just like every other krytek Valhalla pants.


  • Comfortable with a perfect fit
  • Easy to wash with hands and washing machine
  • Great design and pattern
  • Perfect for all hunting needs


  • Lacks waterproof feature
  • Lacks insulated layer but quite thick to keep you warm in a frigid condition

2. ScentLok Women’s Full Season TAKTIX Hunting Pants

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Winter season or frigid condition should never stop you from going to the forest to hunt. Every hunter needs the best-insulated hunting pant that can keep them warm during frigid weather condition.

The ScentLok Women’s Full Season TAKTIX Hunting Pants is a perfect choice for every woman out there that loves to hunt and never want to have a break all because of a cold weather condition. With this hunting pant, you can easily beat off any cold air and enjoy your hunting.

Design and strength

The hunting pant is made of fabric, and it has deadly quiet micro tricot outer fabric which means it makes no noise or sound whenever you move.

It gives you an advantage over some other pants as it helps you to appear like a ghost to your target. The material is of high quality to ensure it last longer and withstand any hunting demand.

The hunting pant is keen to prevent tear or wear whenever you are hunting. It has insulated layer to ensure you remain warm.

Insulated layer

If you are in the search for a perfect hunting pant to use during winter the ScentLok Women’s Full Season TAKTIX Hunting Pants is the best to consider. The Pant has insulated technology layer that helps to keep you warm.

Whenever you wear the pant, it shut out cold air and ensure you are warm to a certain degree which can help to enhance your hunting performance.

It is ever reliable and an excellent option for every woman that loves to hunt irrespective of how tense the frigid condition is.

Hydrophobic outer layer

The hunting pant has a quality outer design that helps you to keep away water. You can say it is waterproof which means you don’t have to worry even if you have to walk through the water to your hunting site.

Also, from reviews, the pant can get rid of oil stain as the layer does not retain water and oil. It completely repels heavy oils and water.

Wicking system

Some hunting pant will give odor due to the retention of sweat and, but that is never the case with ScentLok Women’s Full Season TAKTIX Hunting Pants. The pant has carbon alloy technology for odor absorption, and it as well has wicking treatment for moisture management.


  • It keeps you dry all through with the wicking treatment
  • Insulated layer to keep you warm
  • Repel water and massive oil spill
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Great design and pattern


  • Designed for women alone

3. Mossy Oak Men’s Tibbee Technical Lightweight Camo Hunting Pants

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You don’t have to look too far for a turkey season hunting pant as Mossy Oak Men’s Tibbee Technical Lightweight Camo Hunting Pants is the perfect solution.

However, it is not just designed for turkey hunting alone as it meets with the requirement and demand of all kind of hunting needs.
It is one of the best cold weather bow hunting clothing that every hunter should consider.

It comes with an obsession pattern which easily blend with the color of the grass to make you invisible to your target.

Design and style

The pant is designed for men who have unwavering interest and desire in hunting. It is a better option to wearing a casual jean to your hunting site.

The hunting pant is made from lightweight polyester materials which makes it breathable and perfect for winter hunting. It has the features to keep you warm as long as you want.

The durability of the pant is second to none, it has a plastic elastic waist which serve for extra support to enhance your comfort, and other features such as the button closure with zipper fly, hook and loop tape adjustable waist straps, belt loops, gusseted crotch to give a perfect fit.

As part of the design of the pant, you have access to 6 pockets: two in the front hand side, two at the back and other two to hold any gear.

Wicking system

The hunting pant comes with zippered outer leg vents with a mesh lining which enhance the breath-ability of the pant. The system helps to keep moisture away from the pant and keep the inner dry to keep you warm.


  • Perfect for winter and warm season weather hunting
  • Enough pockets to keep some hunting gears
  • Cool design with great pattern
  • Keep the body warm and get rid of moisture with the vent system


  • Lack of waterproof feature
  • Only designed for men

4. Kryptek Vellus Camo Hunting Pant

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The Kryptek Vellus Camo Hunting Pant is all that you need for your hunting needs. It has all it takes to perform in all potential backcountry scenarios, and it is also perfect for the battlefield. The hunting pant has brushed lining which makes it one of the best hunting pant for the money.

The 3M Thinsulate water-resistant insulation that is integrated into the design of the pant enhances the warmth and comfort you get from wearing the pant. The pant is a product of hydrophobic fibers which means it doesn’t retain water to eliminate any unnecessary weight.

Design and style

The pant is designed with siliconized synthetic fiber that helps to keep it lightweight even when dipped in the water. The style and pattern give it a soft and luxurious feel.

It is one of the stealthiest camo on the planet as it is almost invisible when you wear it. It has a 3D appearance and 2D surface with macro and micro layering.


The hunting pant has an insulation system incorporated in the design to ensure that you remain warm whenever you wear the pant. This feature makes it one of the best cold weather camo to wear during the frigid condition.

Not only do you have the insulation system to keep you warm, the pant as well has 3M Thinsulate odor resistant technology to help you deal with getting rid of the odor.

3M Thinsulate Odor-Resistant Insulation with X-STATIC fibres is an advanced textile fiber that combines insulation with precious metal technology for warmth and odor resistance.

Also, the pant has impressive features that are mindblowing such as windproof, waterproof, sealed and highly breathable. The pant will give you a different feel about fleece.

Water and Odor resistant

It looks too unreal to avoid the growth of bacteria from hunting pants as a result of sweat and what they are subjected to, but this pant has X-static silver fibers which help to kill bacteria before it eventually turns into odor.

The rate at which it repels water is amazing as it helps to keep you dry for as long as you have in on you.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Odorless and highly resistant to water
  • Comfortable with the amazing design and features
  • Shut out frigid air to keep you warm


  • It has no significant setback

5. Mossy Oak Men’s Camo Sherpa 2.0 Fleece Lined Hunting Pants

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The Mossy Oak Men’s Camo Sherpa is a dynamic design fleece lined hunting pant that is quite difficult for those in need of hunting pants to resist and overlook.

This is another hunting pant from mossy oak, and it guarantees you maximum comfort.

It is one of those hunting pants that you should consider for winter hunting as it features soft, micro-fleece outer layer, and Sherpa fleece lining to keep you warm, and it does not make any noise or sound whenever you wear it.

Design and style

The camo hunting pant is soft, lightweight as it is made with light weighted materials. It has great performance rate since it is made from microfleece outer shell fabric with Shaba fleece inner lining for extra warmth.

Also, it has athletic cut with stretch properties which ensures that the pant has comfort fit and the stitches around the knees make it easier for you to squat and kneel easily if need be. Furthermore, It has a partial elastic waist for extra comfort.


The pattern of the hunting pants integrates buttoned and hook, eyelet loop closure for a secure fit, zippered fly, belt loop with D-ring accessory loop right on the front left loop.

It also has two large zippered leg pockets, two zippered hand pockets, two magnet snap cargo pockets, and two zippered back pockets to make it eight altogether.


The hunting pant has all it takes to keep you warm for as long you wear the pant as it is made of reliable materials that can handle the frigid condition.

Mind you; it is not hydrophobic which means it can retain heavy oil and water. If you are looking for a waterproof pant, it is not a perfect option.


  • It keeps you warm
  • Lightweight and durable
  • High-quality material to ensure the longevity of the pant
  • Elastic waist and belt loop for adequate fit


  • It is not resistant to water
  • Lacks a wicking system

6. SITKA Gear Equinox Pant

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Our list of the best cold weather bow hunting clothing would not be complete without sharing a review of one of the pants made by SITKA.

Sitka is one of the respected brands in the production of hunting gears, and the SITKA Gear Equinox Pant is one of their products to consider if in need of a quality hunting pant.

The SITKA Gear Equinox Pant is made of advanced fabric technology and smart design to give the hunter a better hunting experience.

Irrespective of the kind of hunting you are into, the pant has all it takes to offer you the best feel for outstanding performance.

Design and style

The pant is designed with high tech materials to ensure it last longer and as well meet every of your hunting needs. It is a perfect choice to consider not just for the winter season but beyond.

It has a sleek style with smart design, and that makes it quite difficult to resist for hunter not to mention the fact it is made by SITKA.


The hunting pant is resistant to water and not that alone, it has DWR finish which helps to resist light ray from the sun thereby preventing the pant from wear and tear easily. This feature makes it breathable and comfortable to use for anyone.

Mesh system

The SITKA Gear Equinox Pant has pockets strategically placed in some areas to help you keep and reach out to any gear easily. As part of the design to make it a perfect choice for you, it has mesh backed pocket which helps to vent heat.


  • Added pocket for storage
  • Resistant to water
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Perfect for all season hunting


  • Lacks insulation but its thickness can keep you warm to a certain degree

7. IDOGEAR EmersonGear Men

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Are you looking for a versatile pant that can be used for a wide range of application, then you have to turn your attention over to IDOGEAR EmersonGear Men.

It is a newly design pant that can be used for paintball, softball, hunting, shooting and daily training.

If you are the type that gets involved in all kind of activities, you might want to opt for this pant. It is designed with all that is needed to meet up with the demand of all the activities listed above.

Design and style

It is made of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester with 4-way stretch woven accents ripstop, YKK zipper, Velcro and thread, Teflon coating, military elastic, stretchable around the hip, knee, and crotch. All these make it comfortable and perfect for all hunters.


The universal hunting pant comes with removable combat knee pads, concealed elbow pads, size adjustment at the back of the waist, waist adjustable system, different size pocket, large storage size pockets, zip fly with velcro closure and two hip pockets with zipper closure.

Warmth and comfort

The newly designed pant can keep you warm, but it lacks the insulation system. The material it is made of can keep or shut out cold air to an extent to ensure you are comfortable whenever you wear the pant.


  • Wide range of application, i.e. you can use for all kind of activities
  • It has added features to ensure it is fitted
  • Lightweight and durable


  • It lacks insulation
  • Not resistant to water

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Best cold weather bowhunting clothing Buyers Guide

Best hunting pants for cold weather

Getting the best hunting pants for the money goes beyond having the money to spend. It requires that you make a comprehensive research on the type of pant you want so you do not make a wrong call.

However, here are some essential factors that you need to consider before choosing a hunting pant.


Are you buying the hunting pant for yourself or someone? Whichever way, you need to know the pant size of the person, so you do not make the wrong call.

Most of them do come with the size chart, and you should give attention to this and never be blown away by the design or appearance of the pant.


It is never the right decision to get a pant that will affect your hunting performance.

It is why you need to consider the weight of the pant before and after it is immersed in water.

It is best that you opt for a lightweight pant if you want the best hunting performance for yourself.


You should never overlook this factor when choosing a hunting pant. Most of the hunting pant in the market comes with different options.

Some come with elastic waist, some with loop for the belt while some come with the two options.

Insulation system

The idea behind getting a hunting pant for winter is to keep you warm. Therefore you need to look into this factor when choosing your pant.

Check to see if it has an insulation system in place as it is the only measure to help you shut out cold air and keep the inner warm.


It isn’t an essential factor to consider but a necessity for those who have to go through the water while hunting. You need a pant that can repel water and any other material to keep you dry all through the time you are hunting.


Don’t ever sacrifice your comfort for design or any other thing. Look out for this above every other feature as it determines how you will perform when hunting.


Getting a complete hunting gear is very important if you are true to yourself about your hunting quest. Here we have shared our thought and experience on some of the best hunting pants for cold weather you should consider whenever you want to get a hunting pant.

We have the experts picked products for you, and we are sure you can never make a wrong call with our selection. We wish you all the best in your hunting quest.