8 Best longbow for beginners – {Reviews & Buyer’s Guide updated 2020}

Do you have precision and accuracy on top of your shooting or hunting list? the best longbow for beginners is the right choice for you. Bothered about how your very first hunting experience is going to look like? It’s okay to be drenched in these feelings since it’s your first experience.

Reason you should consider using longbow as a beginners

best longbow for beginners

Rather than using a compound bow, why not opt for the one of the best longbows for hunting on the market. Why? longbow is unique as a result of its height, which sometimes can be of the same height as the hunter.

The wooden limbs are narrow, and the cross-section appears in a D shape. To get it right with shooting a longbow, you must maintain a long draw, almost back to the jaw.

Keep your arm cocked at the elbow and you can find your anchor point near the corner of the mouth. With a relaxed stance, unhinged knees, and a slight crouch, you can bend into the shot.

This longbow for beginners does not have sight cases as they are usually not heavy and as well quiet, especially when compared to other hunting bows.

We know how challenging it can be for an individual to be in search of the best longbow for hunting on the market as there many longbows today.

Thus, to cut the stress you’d have to go through, we have compiled a list of the best longbows for the money that’ll in no doubt brighten up your first hunting experience. Check out four of the best longbows for hunting.

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Importance of using a longbow for beginners

best longbow for beginners


Longbows are much easier to shoot with more accuracy, especially for beginners.

The reason is that the body of the longbow is thick, which in turn makes it harder to twist the limbs of the bow (also called torqueing) thereby ensuring a straighter shoot towards the target.

Another benefit of the longbows is that they are just generally gentler on your fingers and your joints than most other types of bows as a result of their extended length thereby reducing tension.

Best longbow for beginners Reviews – Experts Pick

8. Longbowmaker Pigskin Handmade Traditional Longbow

The longbow maker is quite a quality title, and for what you’re getting, you’re paying a reasonable amount. However, this does give the quality you need and want, and it fits for any level of a hunter too.

You are going to see this comes with unique construction and it is undoubtedly very sturdy and accurate also. There is so much on offer here, and it does come with a lovely finish.

This bow is well made from quality Wood, Pigskin, Cow leather, and Glass steel. Besides, it has great performance, low hand shock with reasonable speed.

The limbs are laminated with fiberglass and are tough and wear resistant. The riser is made of beach. Even though the bow is thin, it won’t affect the performance of it.

It features an adjustable draw weight of 20 – 110 LBS, an overall bow length of 137 cm as well as 132 cm of string length.

Plus, it comes with a convenient draw length of 28 inches with a grace of five more inches.

If you are looking for the best longbow for the money, come pick the Longbowmaker Pigskin Handmade Traditional Longbow Mongolian Bow Recurve Horsebow as in its package comes with an instruction book for comprehensive knowledge on your first use.

  • Adjustable draw weight
  • Comes with an instructional book
  • The best longbow for the money
  • The bow is thin

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7. SinoArt Takedown Archery

Is someone wondering why SinoArt Takedown Archery took the second place on our list of the best longbow for hunting? Here is why: The bow is built from the German laminate Technology offering the best toughness and power for the bow.

Besides, it is designed with Impressive rounded edges and an excellent finished wooden handle which brings about a comfortable grip.

This bow features a bow length of 59 inches, an adjustable draw weight of 30 – 60 lbs, 57 inches string length, and a brace height of 7- 8 inches. It comes with an overall bow weight of 2.2 lbs.

In the package, you’ll get a wood riser, two limbs which hard maple and black fiberglass, a single stringer, fur rest pad and two pairs of string nocks — this virtually everything you need to make your hunting dream come true.

The only snag here is that this longbow will work for right-hand shooters, which means the bow will be held on the left hand to pull the string with the right hand.

With the Takedown feature, you will always be able to change your limb to increase the weight as you grow or decrease the weight to give you a smooth practice.

For the best experience, we recommend shooting this Hunting Bow with real feather arrows.

  • A tough and powerful bow
  • Ergonomic design and lightweight
  • Comfortable grip
  • Only for right-handed shooters

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6. ArcheryMax Handmade

The Archerymax rooms a durable construction and also comes with a wrapped snakeskin, spiraling the length of the belly to add to a traditional decor for the bow.

It’s a must for a Mongolian bow. For starters, you can conveniently shoot out to 45 yards with this bow even without no holdover and still hit a 12 inches diameter even as a beginner.

All thanks to its well-constructed fiberglass design and a block of durable wood. Just like the IRQ 54 inches, the ArcheryMax is a cinch to use for both left and right-handed shooters.

It measures 54 inches long at full stretch and still produces a smooth and quiet release.

That’s all good, but it was its 20-80 lbs draw weight, 54 inches bow body length, and 52-inch string length that clinched the deal, making it the ideal type of bow for beginners.

Similarly, the ArcheryMax Longbow also features a standard Draw Length at 28 inches, and a safe draw Length at 34 inches, which allows you to fire up to as many rounds as you want at any distance.

  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Strong and reliable
  • Holds an integrated design for high performance
  • The release and the draw are smooth and flexible
  • Offers a cheap string

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5. Archery Recurve Hunting Bow Traditional Wooden Longbows

The IRQ hunting wooden longbow is an all-new high performing traditional longbow that is designed for optimum use for both left and right-handed shooters.

The IRQ 54 inches comes with a 32-inch arrow, plus 5-inch and 6-pack natural feather fletches as well as a 100-grain silver broadhead.

It also delivers a 100% handmade design pump, coupled with a high-intensity resin material and top quality wood.

In addition to commendable performance and design, the IRQ hunting bow also comes with a cow leather material as well as a fiberglass limb which translates to smooth draw and accurate shooting for both professionals and beginners hunters.

Indeed, all these integrated designs allow for high performance, great comfort, flashy speed, low hand shock, and more precise shooting.

The IRQ hunting bow we reviewed houses a maximum draw length of 32 inches, and a draw weight of 30-65 lbs. with a bow length of 54 inches.

  • Built with the best materials for efficient use
  • Convenient and perfect for both left and right-handed shooters
  • Comes with accessories to brace up hunting experience
  • Relatively strong and durable
  • Doesn’t produce any hand shock
  • It isn’t lightweight as compared to others

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4. Longbowmaker Hungarian style Handmade Longbow

Longbowmaker Hungarian style Handmade Longbow turns you into a skillful archer and makes you shoot like a champ in no time. Thanks to its fast, convenient, and reliable handmade design.

The best part is that the longbow riser, string, and Limbs are made from durable materials, which make this bow draw smoothly and accurately.

The Longbowmaker earns our top position on our list by serving up a draw weight at 20-110 lbs and a bow body length at 145 cm, which are perfect for both beginners and seasoned archers.

This hunting longbow is now the go-to gear if you are looking for a brand that delivers a safe draw length at 33 inches and a draw length of 28 inches to give you high accuracy on target at a flashy speed.

With fewer vibrations or hand shock With a 131 cm string, the Longbowmaker is suitable for all types of bow users, even though you aren’t that tall.

The Longbowmaker is an absolute joy to shoot with as it gives you the necessary flexibility to shoot more than 200 shafts without any defects.

  • Very comfortable to use
  • Save a lot of time to dissemble different parts for easy storage
  • It is very accurate
  • It is sufficiently strong and durable
  • Doesn’t produce any hand shock
  • No arrow attachment

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3. PG1ARCHERY Archery Recurve Longbow

The PG1 Archery Traditional Handmade Horsebow took us back on the memory lane, to the times of Emperor Wanli of Ming dynasty at around 1563 to 1620 in a painting revealing how he was going to the royal family’s ancestral tomb to pay tribute.

This bow is merely a memory point as both ends of the recurve longbow is attached with OX horn which makes it look more vintage.

This bow features a draw weight of 20-60 lbs, you are at liberty to choose which weight suit your strength with its adjustability.

Besides, the PG1 archery features a 138 cm of bow length to allow for easy mobility around the wood, 52 inches strung length and a moderate bow weight of 0.87 lbs.

Mind you, at 33 inches; you have reached its maximum draw length. This bow is an updated version of the Emperor 2 with a newly designed bow and arrow point alongside non-slip grip to provide a faster and lighter shooting experience.

The whole body is made of wooden and fiberglass material with a leather-wrapped finish which makes it fashionable and sturdy at the same time.

  • An adjustable draw weight
  • Convenient grip
  • Provides faster and lighter shooting style
  • Lightweight
  • Looks traditional

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2. One-Piece Longbow

best longbow

For over 15 years, Striker Bows have been building custom bows, but for the first time, they introduced a standard line of one piece longbows.

These bows are ready-to-order; you just pick your draw weight and color! Poundage will fall in between 5 LB. The Striker sports color was designed with the hunter in mind.

Darker wood and a shorter length at 58 inches were implemented for ease in the woods. The look and feel of the Sport and Classic were developed with the characteristics of the famous one-piece bow.

The reflex-deflex longbow design ensures a quality build along with an added performance from existing classic longbow designs.

The bow short 16 inches riser height makes room for longer working limbs while still keeping the bow at 58 inches.

This design limits hand shock and stacking that is common in some traditional longbows. The forward handle design includes a thumb rest for a comfortable fit and improved accuracy.

  • Comes with a matte style finish and a modern reflex-deflex design
  • Lightweight
  • Thumb rest on the forward handle design offers precision and shooting accuracy
  • None

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1. RK1 Takedown Longbow

best longbow for hunting

Although RK1 is on the least of our list of the best longbow for the money, it isn’t a bad pick for whoever wants to get the traditional feel of archery.

This long comes with a whole lot of persuasion for compound bow archers. This feature allows for a smoother transition for the compound archer to try out the traditional archery equipment while offering the nail driving accuracy of a torque-free grip.

The RK1 Takedown Bow features a total machined aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum riser in a torque-less style grip as seen on modern compound bows.

The RK1 Takedown Bow features a 16 inches riser height which provides adequate sight window for shooting instinctively.

The height is as well short enough to offer plenty of working limb at a 60 inches bow length which in turn bring about a more convenient shooting bow.

Also featured is the flexibility to shoot directly off the shelf or with an elevated rest. This gives room for the transition between the woods to the 3D course without any alteration in the bow setups.

In the package comes a side plate rest attachment, silencers, strings, stringer, as well as hydrographic carbon limbs.

  • Highly flexible Pack
  • Riser height enhances convenient shoot
  • None

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Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the best Longbows

If you’ve decided to purchase the best longbow, you should know some critical facts.

There are some essential things everyone must consider before obtaining a longbow.

Should you fail to put these things into consideration, you will regret later. Let’s check out the buying tips below.

Consider Brace Height

The distance between the thickest part of the bow and the string is called brace height. It is crucial to put the brace height into consideration before obtaining any longbow.

Brace height actually maintains the arrow speed. Lower brace height brings about higher arrow speed. Now, what should be the suitable brace height? Indeed, there is no particular measurement for this.

The brace height that provides you with comfort when shooting should be your best pick.

Know that brace height can be increased when twisting the bowstring, by doing so; the limbs will tend to be pushed away from the riser, therefore increasing the distance between the string and the grip.

The opposite must be done to decrease the distance, by untwisting the bowstring, the limbs will get closer to the riser.

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Consider Bow Weight

Another factor that you consider is the weight of your longbow is another crucial factor to consider. However, the weight depends on the type of materials the longbow is made of.

Actually, longbows that are made of different kinds of wood are somewhat heavy and sturdy to handle during a walk. Even those are costly as well.

On the other way round, carbon fiber or plastic materials are lightweight and cheap easy to move and operate as well.

If your bow is too heavy, you may not be able to explore its effectiveness as you’ll get tired and bored of it in a short time. And that can sabotage your whole hunting experience especially if it’s your first time.

Go For Reputed Brand

Actually, it is always advisable to go for reputed and well-known brands. They actually come to do real business until the end. That’s why famous brands don’t want to let their clients switch to another brand.

They try to keep them with quality products. In the longbow, you should definitely go for a reputed and famous brand. Without any doubt, this will spend some extra bucks from your pocket, but the satisfaction you will get is worth your investment.

Price Range

In comparison to other types of hunting bows, traditional longbows are inexpensive. Actually, the design of the longbow is decent and reasonable.

Those are hassle-free to operate, and there is no complicity in this type of hunting bow. You can pick a perfect longbow within your budget limit. I mean the price range of the best longbow for hunting is usually between 100 – 150 dollars.

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From this list of the best longbow for beginners above, you should be able to find a model that fits your budget and experience. If you are new to traditional archery and unsure how “into it” you’re going to get, we’d recommend a more budget-friendly model.

Whatever you decide, any of these best longbow for hunting will provide you with years of accurate, powerful, pleasurable shooting as we have considered all the critical factors pertaining to longbow before coming up with the above list. We hope this helped you have a better picture of each bow and its capabilities. Happy hunting!