11 Best rifle for bear hunting – Perfect bear hunting kits 2020

You are on this page because you have an interest in bear hunting or you are already into bear hunting. Well, our focus on this page is to share with you the best rifle for bear hunting, with some other important things you need to know. 

Is bear hunting legal or illegal?

Best rifle for bear hunting

There are laws guiding each state on hunting bears. If you’ve got the best hunting equipment and the state you live in is against bear hunting, you have nothing to do than to comply with the rules and regulations.

Some states such as Maine, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, and Massachusetts allow bear hunting. Some states do not, and it is important that you know the states that allow and do not. 

In the states that allow bear hunting, hunters need to obtain a state permit. Most bear hunting season occurs in the fall but with specific dates that vary by location and hunting methods. 

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Is it safe to hunt bear?

Best rifle for bear hunting

With the kind of animal bears are, you can’t argue with the truth that they are dangerous and difficult to hunt. They feed on flesh as stats show the black bears view humans as potential food. 

Therefore, it requires lots of caution and a greater level of skills and experience to hunt bears. This post will show you more about what you need to know about bear hunting as you read further. 

But before that, let’s have a rundown of the top-rated rifles you can rely on for efficient bear hunting experience.

Best rifle for hunting – Top picked hunting rifle for bears

1. Lancer Tactical LT-25 Gen 2 M4 AEG Airsoft Rifle

Lancer Tactical LT-25 airsoft rifle has gained popularity through its flexibility. It’s a user-friendly device that even beginners can easily get along with. Plus, it comes with full metal gearboxes. 

The manufacturer has indeed improved on this gearbox with the Gen 2 Series. This means that the internals is made of a larger percentage of metal which is an essential feature that makes a good rifle. And with this improvement, you can now customize the internals, steering from its barrel, gears, and down to its motor upgrade. 

Aside from that, it features a heavy-duty nylon reinforced plastic receivers and can shoot at about 400 FPS right out of the box due to its full metal internals. What more, this rifle is worth investing in as it is a cost-effective, powerful, and reliable- it’s just perfect for bear hunting.


  • Flexible on use
  • Durable
  • The internals are customizable
  • It is cost-effective


  • None


2. Gamo Swarm Fox Multi-Shot Air Rifle

Second, on this list is the Gamo swarm fox multi-shot rifle. Gamo rifle industries are known for producing powerful rifle with so much precision when firing, and this brand is another indication of their skillfulness. It’s a perfect device for taking long-range shots, and it’s so accurate that it helps aim at the target real quick. 

From the design, you’ll love it. And in terms of sturdiness, it’s no doubt a good one. With that, you can decide to go on a long time shooting adventure without feeling fatigued easily.

If you are looking for a bear hunting rifle to get work done as fast as possible, then you can’t go wrong with this product. Lest I forget, It features a 10-shot rotary magazine.


  • Perfect for long-range shots
  • Hits target quickly
  • It’s accurate
  • It’s comfortable on usage


  • Somewhat expensive


3. Bear River Pellet Gun Air Rifle

We’ve found this product to be aggressive in operations. And that why a whole lot of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts would rather go for it. The Bear River pellet rifle is such that you can give a continuous shooting on target due to its semi-automatic features. 

When we say aggressive, we mean to say that you can fire as many as 200 shots on a row with just a CO2 tank. This is going to be a lot more fun if you intend to go for bird hunting, for instance. 

Talking about its level of accuracy, it’s absolutely the best you’ll get for its price. It is capable of shooting at a speed of 800FPS without giving up its precision towards the target. Besides, it features a single twelve rotary magazine, and its durable construction promises an enjoyable experience for the next 12 months.


  • It’s a high precision tool
  • It’s is pocket-friendly
  • Durable and reliable
  • Shoots at high speed of 800FPS


  • Cod tank can be improved


4. National Standard Products® Air Pellet Rifle

This is another product of brilliant workmanship from the National Standard Product. The Pellet rifle scope 177 from the National Standard Industry is made of hardwood, which makes it one of the cheapest in the market. 

It’s a rifle built to get operations done real quick with a considerable speed of 1200fps. Besides the attached scope adds to its accuracy when dealing with long-range shots. What’s more, whether you are a right-hand hunter or a left-hand hunter, you’ll still get the best hunting experience from this classy rifle. 


  • It’s an ambidextrous rifle
  • Classy look
  • Made of hardwood
  • Not expensive


  • The scope may fall off


5. Lastworld New Air Pellet Rifle Gun

If you ever need a rifle to practice hunting with, this version of the Last world is all you need to equip yourself with. The Last world’s pellet rifle is a simple tool that you can never get bored of. Its accuracy, design, and the price is a perfect combination of a good rifle for bear hunting

It features a wooden body that is carefully carved to give a brilliant finish after all- this is no doubt a better replacement for a plastic rifle builds. Shooting with more precision now comes easy as it features a level right under the barrel to fill up the chamber- this makes one feel like a professional already.

However, this rifle allows you to shoot continuously as many as 200 calibers at a speed of 400FPS. What’s more, you can do more practice with this rifle right in your backyard.


  • A velocity of 450 FPS.
  • Accurate
  • User-friendly


  • Slightly heavy 
  • Speed can be improved


6. Daisy Adult Red Ryder BB Rifle .177 air Rifle

If you are an outdoor enthusiast or a professional hunter, the Daisy Adult Ryder Rifle is what you should consider for a smooth hunting experience. Besides, it packs features that will not only surprise you but make you recommend to your friends as well. 

The overall design of this rifle is a unique one compared to other rifles of the same price, and this makes it more comfortable to use. The fact that it will fit firmly to your arm is another secret of its comfortability. 

Talking about its durability, you have nothing to worry about as its lever is made of high-quality steel. Besides, it’s a brilliant precision rifle even at twenty-five yards away, and a velocity 350FPS is an encouraging speed to consider. 


  • It’s more comfortable to use
  • The lever is made of quality steel
  • Gives an accurate shot up to 25 yards


  • None


7. Break Barrel Air Rifle with Scope

How about you getting a classic gun for your hunting this time around? The Pellet rifle scope 1200fps will make you want to hunt more and more with its comfortability when handling it. Considering the brilliant features it packs at that fair price, why won’t you want to consider this product instead. 

Without any research, it’s easy to discover the manufacturer’s mind- which is beauty. This rifle is made of a durable wooden body, and the long metal barrel gives it a more classic finish. The wood is, no doubt a better option than using plastic as it is more durable and cheaper.

However, the wooden construction adds to why you might not be spending much to buy this rifle. Plus, the sights work brilliantly on this gun. And to get a better precision performance on long-range shooting, you might need to get a separate scope.


  • Durable wooden body
  • It’s fairly priced
  • The overall design gives a classy finish


  • Will need a separate scope to achieve high accuracy


8. Gamo 6110017154 Varmint Air Rifle .177 Cal

The Varmint 6110017154 version of the Gamo product is powered by a spring piston to launch its 0.177 caliber projectile downrange. This rifle is a perfect option under any weather condition; the reason for that is its synthetic build combined with a steel barrel to ensure durability.

This rifle features a two-stage trigger adjustment and a fixed magnification for a clearer sight of targets. Besides, its scope is fog-proof as well as shockproof.

Its high velocity is the reason why many professional hunters prefer this rifle as it helps hit a target without delay. You’ll enjoy using it due to its varmint control. For target shooting, this is still an option only that it has a reduced accuracy when shooting on a long-range. With that, you’ll have to be more experienced to get the best out of this rifle for intricate hunting.


  • Decent construction and design.
  • It comes with a velocity of 1450 FPS
  • 12- months warranty
  • Fairly priced.


  • Not advisable for long-range shooting


9. GunSkins Hunting Rifle

Imagine yourself making all your hunting moves towards a bear, and the bear can’t just see you coming. The Gunskin hunting camouflage precut piece is a perfect cover for your riffle. With this, you can stalk your bear without any alarm raised. 

The Gunskin producers have made installation easy with its precut template. Invariably, you’ll transform your rifle to invisible in a short time. Besides, you don’t need any technical-know-how to install this gun skin. All you have to do is clean the surface, peel then add heat to it while pressing it so that it perfectly sticks to the riffle. With that done, you can cow trim off any excess piece. 

In the GunSkin kit, you’ll get a piece of receiver, buttstock, as well as the barrel. Besides, if you’ll be using a barrel that’s over 29 inches, you’ll still get extra items like the irregularly shaped stocks as well as magazine tubes- all in this kit.


  • Easy to install high-performance vinyl
  • Conforms to any shape
  • Waterproof non-reflective matte finish
  • Removable and leaves no residue behind


  • Installation is tedious


10. Gamo Swarm Whisper, Multi-Shot Air Rifle

We don’t have much information about this product, and you might be wondering how one earth this product made it to our list. The Gamo swarm whisper multi-shot caliber has been a great rifle as testified by a whole lot of users. 

Some users confirmed that this product is absolutely accurate and they won’t spend much time focusing on the target. Aside from its accuracy, you’ll hit your target real quick- thanks to its two-stage adjustable smooth action trigger. 

Another feature we can but mention about this product is its 4×32 scope, which boosts your confidence level as you aim at your target. In a nutshell, this rifle is an overall brilliant rifle to add to your artilleries. 


  • It features a two-adjustable trigger
  • It gives more accurate shots
  • It features a 4×32 scope


  • None


11. Gamo Swarm Magnum, Multi-Shot Air Rifle

Regardless of the type of hunting, you want to embark on, be it a small hunting game or a target shooting, the projectile velocity you’ll get from this tool is all you need to accomplish your mission. 

The IGT Mach 1 gas piston of the Magnum gun is the power behind the projectile. It also features two separate caliber options to pick from. Besides, it features a two-stage trigger sensitivity control.

The Magnum multi-shot gun is perfect for all weather conditions as it’s made of durable materials which add to why it has a 5-year warranty. Despite the fact that it comes with considerable power on long-range, we found the high magnification on the scope to be too much at ranges below 100 yards.


  • High velocity for greater range and hit-force.
  • Durable construction
  • Five years warranty


  • Expensive


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What to Consider When Buying Rifle for Bear Hunting

bear hunting

  • Accuracy

Hunting with a rifle of low accuracy can be boring and stressful. In fact, beginners might get pissed off easily. It might be hard to spot a rifle with high precision which may sometimes demand that you buy first before you discover if it’s accurate or not. 

Mind you, the products we reviewed above have been thoroughly researched to see that they are good tools in terms of accuracy. 

  • Value

Nobody wants to buy items that are pricey and not outrightly effective. Another factor you must put into consideration is its price which goes down to the material. 

Rifles are mostly made of carbon steel or stainless steel which could be expensive eventually. Not to worry, most of the products we’ve put up are made of hardwood and very much cost-effective without giving up their performance.

  • Durability

Another factor you must consider when buying a rifle for bear hunting is its durability. With a durable rifle, you won’t have to always spend unnecessarily on replacement except you want to try other products. 

One way to spot a durable rifle is from the manufacturers’ notability. They couldn’t have built such an excellent reputation from a bad product — another way to know how durable a rifle is from the material. If you are buying the one that’s made of wood, make sure it’s a hardwood- this always comes at a low price.

  • Features

The comfortability you’ll get with using a rifle will depend on some features. The first feature is the two-stage trigger and a carefully installed recoil mechanism. 

Another feature you must look out for is the barrel. Check to see if the barrel is long enough for the bullet to gather enough velocity before exiting the barrel. Although, this will take a toll on the weigh it’s worth the sturdiness you’ll get with the rifle. 

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Tips on having an accurate shot at bears

hunting bear

  • Making a clean shot should be the top priority for hunters who decides to shoot a bear. The tips below will help you through to have the best shot. 
  • Hunters need to know that bears are different from other animals. The chest of bears is compressed, which is different from some other animals. So hunters should be informed of that.
  • A bear can run as far as you can ever imagine if you make a wrong shot. Their body composition consists of heavy bones, thick fat layers that will enhance blood clotting, thereby making it hard for you to track the injured bear.
  • The most vital area on a bear is the 8 inches circle behind the front shoulder. 
  • The broadside shot or “quartering away” is the best shot for penetration into the vital organs of a bear. 
  • To take your shot, you should patiently wait for the bear to step forward, with the near side leg exposing the heart and lung area.
  • Shooting the shoulder bone is not the best thing to do. Bears are blessed with massive, muscular shoulders and heavy bones. You could only injure the animal by shooting at those regions.
  • A bear skull is very dense so you should never shot at the head. The rounded shape of the head can cause bullets or arrows to glance off or become lodged in the skull without penetration.
  • Never take a shot at a bear you are unsure of. I.e. one that is not clearly visible, or one that is positioned in such a way that you cannot accurately hit the vital area.


With the above-discussed products, you are sure to get the best rifle for bear hunting among them. However, the most suitable choice out of all these products will be determined by your nature of hunting.

The above-discussed riffles come with different shooting speeding and accuracy under varying distances as well. What’s important is that you know what your nature of hunting is and read carefully to see which of them suits your purpose.