8 Best scent eliminator for hunting – Reviews for 2019

Best scent eliminator for hunting

Successful hunting requires techniques, and one of them is eliminating scent. It is essential that hunters eliminate all chance of getting their target aware of their presence through the use of the best scent eliminator for hunting. The best way to hunt is to get the target unaware and then is when you can be applauded as a good hunter.

Some animals are gifted to the point they can easily perceive scent, and that will trigger their defense mechanism sending a signal from their brain to flee from reach. Getting such kind of animal to kill will take a lot of effort from a hunter.

To avoid the stress of running after animals all because of you getting them aware of your presence, you can make use of scent killer for hunting. The scent eliminator will reduce the odor or scent and make it easier for you to catch your target unaware.

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Do you need the best scent eliminator for hunting

This is the same question that keeps popping up in my head, and the answer is yes. Every hunter needs to use a hunting scent eliminator.

You might not be using any perfume or body spray, but some bow and arrows come with sweet smell due to the materials they are made of.

Some hunting gears as well give scent from the materials and method at which they are manufactured. Some animals can go to the length to notice one’s presence due to the body smell. It shows that every hunter needs to use scent eliminator.

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Types of scent eliminator machine for hunting

There are different types of scent eliminator for hunting you can consider. It all depends on why you need the scent killer.

There in the market is the soap that can be used to bathe before going on hunting, and you will also find the body spray and instrument spray which you can use to eliminate the scent.

Without further ado, we will share with you our top pick of the cheap scent eliminator for hunting you should consider for those in need of any.

Before you go on to select the perfect scent eliminator on this list, we choose to share with you our choice for the best hunting closet with odor eliminator for storage, garages and hunting camps and it is Scent Crusher Flexible Hunter Closet with Ozone Generator

Best scent killer for hunting review

1. Ozonics HR-300 Scent Elimination Device

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Everyone looking for a perfect scent killer machine should look no further as the Ozonics HR-300 Scent Elimination Device is the best to offer you the hunting performance you desire by eliminating body scent, neutralizing field scent and leaving your game confused till they get within your reach to shot down.

The scent killer is sure an upgrade to the previous version as it controls and eliminates scent with up to 45 percentage more Ozone output. That leaves deer and some other scent sensitive animals clueless of your presence in the field.

The scent killer comes with easy to operate the system as the package includes Ozonics HR-300 Unit, single bay battery charger, standard battery, charger power cord, charger power supply, mounting system EZ mount receiver and EZ mount stud. It is effortless to mount on anything.

The rate at which the scent ozone works is overwhelming in such that it balances the time and the oxidant concentration to ensure that the proper amount is releases to deodorize your hunting gears and clothing. It works silently as it comes with a super quiet fan. It is the right choice for you.

2. Common Hunter Eliminator

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Do you need any of the best scent eliminator machines, the Common Hunter Eliminator is the perfect option for you to consider. The scent eliminator is very useful when it comes to eliminating odor from any of the hunting gears you have.

Please note that the common hunter is unavailable now and that is why we prefer Wildgame Innovations ZeroTrace Plasma Ion Field Generator over common hunter and also because it is a versatile machine that works for human and hunting site. it totally neutralizes human scent and leaves no traces for targets on the hunting site. Common hunter is most people choice because it is cheap and affordable.

The scent blocker offers maximum odor removal and can be used anywhere with the assistance of the 12V adapter. Hunting can be difficult for hunters especially when they find themselves in a location where the animal can smell an odor.

Scent can keep animals away which is why hunters need a scent eliminator such as the common hunter eliminator. The scent eliminator can be placed in the bag where you have the gears, and it will eliminate all odor within 30 minutes of action.

3. Ozonics HR-200 Electronic Scent Eliminator

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The Ozonics HR-200 Electronic Scent Eliminator is a scent eliminator machine that can be used for all kind of hunting. It is ideal for hunters that understand the need for a scent eliminator to have wonderful hunting experience.

The scent eliminator machine comes with HR 200 unit, a standard battery which can last for 4 hrs in boost mode and 5 hrs in standard mode, a mounting system for a tree stand, battery charger, mounting system for a hub style ground blind and manual guide.

You can either mount on the tree on the ground. The operation is smooth and swift with the use of the silent touch. It has a 12V rechargeable battery which runs for 5 hours, and it has its charger to boost the eliminator machine whenever it runs out of charges. Also, it has an LED screen to monitor the battery level. we love our experience with Ozonics HR-230 Scent Elimination System and we will choose above the HR 200.

4. Code Blue Unscented Field Spray

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Looking for any scent blocker spray for your hunting trip, the Code Blue Unscented Field Spray is one of the best to consider. The spray is formulated with high-quality material to eliminate up to 99% of the odor.

The content in the spray can be applied on your hunting jacket, gloves, boot and some other equipment to keep the animal unaware of your presence. It is free of chemicals which makes it safe to use for anyone. Also, it prevents the chance of bacteria growth from any of your hunting gear.

It can be used by anyone that wants to hunt but need to get rid of smell or odor while on the field. It is one of the best to consider for hunters especially those hunting animals that can easily smell the odor.

5. Mystery Ozone Generator

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The Mystery Ozone Generator is a portable scent eliminator that can be used by hunters to eliminate all odor and scent that could prevent them from having excellent time hunting. It comes with a simple design but has all it takes to eliminate multiple types of odors.

The scent eliminator machine generates proper safe ozone and anions to eliminate odors from any hunting gears. To operate the device, you need to press the on and off button to initiate the operation of the device. If you need some things that will last longer you should consider Scent Slammer Ozone Scent Eliminators. It kills bacteria and virus and mystery ozone lacks that features.

The device is lightweight and portable. It comes with a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery of 500mAH which can last for more than ten days after its fully charged. To use, you need to drop on any gears

6. Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold Bar Soap

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This is another form of scent eliminator you can consider for your hunting trip. It is not a machine but a soap that can be used by anyone to bathe before going out to hunt. The soap is very easy to use. You have to replace with your soap and use when having your bath.

It is the ultimate odour-fighting bar soap. It is not an ordinary soap as it is made with unscented anti-odour formula. The soap is very useful when it comes to eliminating all kind of odor in the body.

If you do not have the fund to go for a scent killer machine, you can always opt for this soap as the solution to eliminate the scent and ensure you have a pleasing hunting experience. It is excellent for all hunters which makes an excellent option for hunters.

7. Primos Hunting Control Freak Scent Eliminator Body Soap and Shampoo

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Here is another type of scent eliminator soap you can consider called Primos Hunting Control Freak Scent Eliminator Body Soap and Shampoo. This is similar to the one above but has added item known as shampoo.

The soap and shampoo are very useful as they are both made with quality material to kill odour from anything it comes in contact with. If the soap comes in contact with your hunting gear, it will kill odour and make them odourless.

The good about it is that it comes cheap and affordable and can be used by anyone. It makes hunting more accessible for anyone concerned with hunting and has proven to be a better option some expensive scent killer machine.

8. Wildlife Research Scent Killer

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The Wildlife Research Scent Killer is one of the scent eliminators for hunting sprays you can consider if need be for you to eliminate odor. The scent eliminator spray is portable, lightweight and affordable.

A premium scent killer for all kind of hunting you should consider. This can be positioned on all kind of gears you have. It works excellently with eliminating scent and odor that could get animals, or your prey flee away from you.

The spray should be applied on any gear, and it will begin its action immediately to help you deal with getting rid of the odor.

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There are many reasons you should use any of the best scent eliminator for hunting, and we have been able to share with you some of those reasons in this post. We are concerned about your performance as a hunter be it a beginner or an expert.

You need to consider the kind of animal you want to hunt. Do your research and get to know if the animal is sensitive to scent or not. If it is, you need to get any of the scent eliminator listed above, and if not, you do not need to get any scent killer.