10 Best youth bows for beginners – Archery for youths 2020

When you are looking for any of the best youth bows, youth recurve bow and so on, it is necessary to remember who it is for. Often adults consider their own choices, ignoring that it should be up to the kid as well to make the decision.

Choosing youth crossbow for hunting- Essential or Optional?

If the bow isn’t satisfactory to kids to use or if it is too hard to shoot, most kids will give up on the sport leaving you with a costly mistake.

When you are on the search for the best youth hunting bow that your kids will use, there are a few features to consider, and the following tips can help you make a choice that will make everyone happy.

In this article, we will cover the most critical aspects of choosing beginner to recurve bow kit for your child, as well as review some of the best youth compound bows for youth that are on the market today with some youth crossbow for hunting to consider.


Importance of using quality youth bows for beginners

It can be a really bad experience if you can’t get a bit of fun from your bow after a long hard practice with it.

To save yourself of unnecessary stress and hard times, it’s just advisable that you get the best you bow especially if it’ll be for your kids.

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Experts Pick on the best hunting bow for youths

10. Escalade Sports Bear Archery Flash Youth Bow

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Bear archery has been for a long time known for their impressive brand concerning youth and institutional archery and has maintained a non-stop quality for the past eighty years in America.

For this brand, it will go well for your eleven years old and older kids with all consideration for both left and right-hand archers as a result of it ambidextrous riser design.

Besides, it comes with an integrated whisker biscuit arrow rest which is the safest of all in the archery industry and at an affordable price.

The Bear Archery features a draw length range of 16 to 24 inches, a 5 to 18 lb. Peak draw weight, and a brace height of 7 inches. The let-off is 60%.

It also measures 47 inches long from end to end and comes ready to shoot with two Safety glass arrows, arrow quiver, finger rollers, and a safety gear known as arm-guard.

No wonder this crossbow makes the first on our list of the best youth bow as you can even choose from two different attractive colors (red and yellow.

  • 60% let off
  • Comes with the safest arrow rest
  • Ambidextrous riser
  • None

9. Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

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This is a portable compound bow, as it measures 26 inches axle to axle, and that should give you a hint about the perfect age of the archer who is assumed to train with it.

While other models for junior archers tend to be oriented toward ages of ten years old and above, this one feed archers as young as eight years old.

Both the draw length and weight are adjustable; the length is adjustable between 15 inches and 20 inches, while the weight can be adjusted between 15 and 20 pounds.

This plastic bow is pretty light, and it can be used favorably to train a young archer. The 6-inch brace height is a big plus because it gives extra comfort.

The 65% let off is a contributory factor to comfort when handling the bow at full draw, and it must be noted that the model comes with composite limbs. All in all, I’ll give this best youth recurve bow a big thumb up.

  • Lightweight and easy to use for junior archers
  • Adjustable draw length and weight to adapt to any situation
  • Both the limbs and riser are made from composite for extended durability
  • Poor quality quiver

8. Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow

Barnett is known by parents who frequently buy youth compound bows. They produce the best compound bows as you see models of the same brand on this list.

Talking of adjust-ability, the Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds makes an impression, as its draw weight can be adjusted between 19 and 45 pounds.

Even if wish for the best youth bow (bow) that will increase with your son or daughter, this one is unquestionably a great pick. Plus, the draw modules make adjusting the bow easier than imagined.

The draw length is between 22 and 27 inches, another instance of how adjustable this model is so that it can produce the same solid performance at all time for an archer honing his or her skills, with time.

You will love the fact that the model is presented with three arrows and an arrow holder. Any young archer can handle the bow and start shooting immediately.

  • The draw length can be adjusted in 1-inch increments for absolute convenience
  • Come with draw modules to ensure smoother shooting experience.
  •  It’s a no luck for left-handed shooters

7. Dostyle Outdoor Recurve Bow and Arrow Set

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If you are on the search for the best youth recurve bow, then ill recommend the dostyle outdoor recurve bow and arrow set archery for you.

Just like one of the best youth crossbow (Milaem military) on this list, it’s a safe and effective bow to practice with.

This youth bow come with a simple build comprehensive enough to explore by starters and also pretty easy to get along with the best fit for both right-hand and left–shooters.

Despite its simple design, there isn’t any trace of compromise in its strength- comes with a solid fiberglass limb and as well tested durable.

Its silicon grip brings about it comfort-ability when handling thereby encouraging a long time archery practice with fatigue.

The riser is designed merely with rounded edges, and a brilliantly finished High Strength Handle which will let you have the best experience while aiming at your target at your target.

Let’s take a peep this best youth recurve bow; it features a riser (with arrow rest), two bow limbs, a bowstring, an adjustable Sight, five arrows, and a six target faces.

  • Comfortable grip
  • It’s safe to use
  • Lightweight
  • May not meet up with professionals’ taste

6. PSE Mini-Burner

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Shooting your very first bow is a memory that will last a lifetime. And PSE is helping get those memories started right with their Mini-Burner bow for the younger shooters.

It features a highly adjustable draw length range of 16” to 26 ½” and an accessory package including a 3-pin sight, arrow rest, quiver, stabilizer, and three carbon arrows.

The PSE Mini-Burner is designed with the same quality and attention to detail that clients have learned to anticipate from the fir, so it shoots quite fine for its intended application.

It’s very light at only 2.7 lbs with a brace height of 6 inches, an axle to axle length of 26 inches, and an agreeable let off of 70 lbs.

Due to the addition of the 6” stabilizer in the package vibration and noise are pretty minimal.

It’s available in both right- and left-handed models. The PSE Mini-Burner was designed by the company to serve the needs of young shooters, so it fits well on this list.

Its features don’t make it an appropriate choice for very young archers though. This will best suit shooters between the ages of eight and twelve.

The PSE Mini-Burner is available in black, lime green, and the Mossy Oak Country pattern. What a great youth bow to have?

  • Lightweight
  • Brilliant look and finish
  • Adjustable draw range
  • Starters can’t get along with it easily

5. kaimei 48Inch Takedown Recurve Bow

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Are you looking for the ideal gift for your kid on his/her birthday or probably don’t know what type of bow to get him/her since your kid since you’ve noticed the interest of archery in your kid?

Why don’t you opt for the kaimei 48 inch Takedown youth Recurve Bow Archery for Youth Beginner Practice? It comes with an ambidextrous riser design which allows both right-hand and left-hand shooter to be able to explore the best out of it.

For those that are just getting into the world or archery, this bow is no doubt the best youth recurve bow for you.

The bow features an adjustable bow length of 48.5 inches -50 inches, bare bow weight of 1.15 Lb, draw weight of 14-16.5 lb, a brace height of 7.6 inches -8.9 inches as well as an average draw length of 30 inches alongside a 48 inches string length.

Gift your kid this bow, and there won’t be a cause for alarm as it arrow are made blunt so it won’t hurt too much on contact with the skin.

This bow features a bow, eight PCS glass fiber arrow, and two target paper.

To your child whom you are going gift this bow on his/her special day, it will sure make the best youth bow. Just be sure to give it a try.

  • Lightweight
  • It’s safe
  • The best youth recurve bow of its range
  • Both left-hand and right-hand shooters can use
  • Starters can’t get along with it easily

4. AW 34′ Junior Compound Bow

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The AW Junior Compound Archery Weight is an average bow and will for sure make the best youth compound bow for the age of fifteen and above.

Since they are just going to start learning archery, this compound bow will surely suffice. The overall build is durable and lightweight; this is as a result of it durable riser and limbs.

In this package, you’ll get a complete set of everything you need to start with, and it’s pretty easy to learn and operate without any guide or extensive explanation.

It comes with 34 inches axle-to-axle, an overall bow weight of 20 lbs, an average draw length of 26 inches and an arrow length of 28 inches.

Besides, it comes with a compact size of 34.4″x10″x2.4″. With its considerable draw length, you can practice shooting this best youth hunting bow for very long straight hours without fatigue.

  • Needs no extensive guide to operate
  • Considerable draw length
  • Convenient to use
  • Only for starters

3. MILAEM Kids Action Military Crossbow

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Although much wasn’t revealed about this crossbow from the manufacturer, it’s sure on the best youth crossbow available on the market presently.

It’s advisable that before you get your kids on the game of archery, they must have had at least a little knowledge about what they are going to do and how to handle one.

And that is why the Milaem Military has come with it considerable build thereby appearing as the best youth crossbow to use for your kid’s target practice.

It is made of plastic to reduce the risk of serious injury when practicing, and it is designed with highly durable and sturdy Polymer products.

The crossbow is designed as a toy with soft shooting power, is it safe to play around indoor. It can be loaded by pulling on the easy grip rubber pieces on the string.

It features suction cup arrows, safe to play indoor. The ends are made of a rubber suction cup that can be washed and reused.

To get the best out this crossbow, shoot towards flat surfaces, and it’ll make the best youth bow for kids starting from the age of six and above.

  • Best for kids’ archery target practice
  • No complex design
  • Lightweight
  • None

2. Barnett Vortex Lite Bow 

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It’s no longer news how impressive Barnett Vortex are when it comes to crossbow manufacturing and other related items.

The Barnett Vortex Lite Compound Bow is a clear expression of this fact as it’s the best youth compound bow for starter, professionals and intermediaries.

Not only will that, even kids, teenagers, as well as adults, sure be exploring an exciting experience out of this compound bow.

It features an average draw weight of 18- 29 pounds thereby allowing you to shoot for a very long period without losing out any fun.

Besides, it comes with an adjustable draw length of 22 – 25 inches as well as an adjustable draw module which allows for a quick and easy change without a bow press.

In this package includes two target arrows, quiver, sight, and an armguard. The only snag about this lite version of the Barnett Vortex is the fact that it can only be used by right-hand shooters.

  • Quick arrow fix and removing
  • An adjustable draw length
  • Both starters and professionals can get on with it
  • Only right-handed shooters can use it

1. BOLT Jr. Archery Set

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Virtually every kid love toys. As parents, you can light up their world with the Bolt Jr. archery set. This is the best youth bow for kids that are three years and above.

The set comes with a bow, quiver, four suction cup arrows, and a sturdy standalone target. The bow features an easily adjustable draw weight and can launch arrows over 30 feet.

Nothing was written about the draw weight, draw length, overall bow weight or the axle-to-axle inch. But what’s essential is that your kids will definitely love it as it is made to serve as a toy and at the same time groom them to grow to love shooting.

  • Best for grooming your little kid with archery interest
  • Length can be easily adjusted
  • None

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Important things to consider when buying youth crossbow for hunting

Here are five things to consider for choosing a youth compound bow. These include the age as well as the size of your child, the draw weight of the bow, draw length of the bow, the whole weight of the bow, and the type of bow package.

Your Child’s Age and Size

Bows are not produced with the same considerations to kid’s ages or growth patterns. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to youth bows.

In that case, pay close regard to the manufacturer’s recommendation for age and size. Most try to design bows that are fit for your kid as they grow, but not all brands are thriving.

You also want the bow to adjust to your child and not your child to the bow. That is to say; the bow needs to suit your child so that they are not exhibiting poor habits while using the bow.

When it’s your child adjusting to the bow, it is time to opt for the best youth compound bow.

Draw Weight

Smaller kids need a bow with a draw weight that they can manage at their present age, but that will challenge them as they age. Bow draw weight recommendations:

A 6-10 pound draw weight goes for kids with small frames ages 3-8, with a body weight of 55-70 pounds.

A 10-29 pound draw weight goes for kids who are average-size, and ages 4 to 9 with a body weight of 70 to100 pounds.

A 15-52 pound draws weight will suit kids who are nine to18 years old, or for kids who are more significant than average with a body weight of 100-130 pounds.

Draw Length

Most compound bows for kids have a draw length that ranges from 14 to 25 inches. These are all fit for children 3-10 years old.

Plus, there is no standard, so you must balance both draw weight and draw length with the size of your child.

Kids who are average size for their age and who are between 3 to10 years old should do fine with a bow that has a draw length of 14 to 25.

If your kid is big for their age, then consider a 15 to 30-inch bow, especially if your child is 9-19 years of age.

Total Bow Weight

Holding a bow is a workout and parents must note that when kids experience fatigue faster if their bow is way heavy. Overall bow mass (weight) is, hence, a key consideration when purchasing a bow.

Kids who are 3 to 8 years old of average size can wield a bow that is 1.3-2 pound in mass weight. Kids ages four to10 who are above average size for their age can usually wield a bow that is 2.3 to 2.8 pounds.

Know that a four-year-old is going to strive with a bow that is heavier than 2 pounds and a ten-year-old will for sure outgrow a bow that is under 2 pounds.

As you aim to pick the best recurve bow for beginners, look into their strength, age, and height.

Package Deal

Most beginner sets have standard equipment that your child will need to learn how to shoot correctly and still enjoy the sport.

A bow package begins to specialize by the plan – learning, small game hunting, and deer hunting.

One of the principal differences between a bow-hunting compound bow kit and an archery practice bow kit will be the arrows.

Many bow-hunting kits comprise either an assortment of arrows points or broad-heads. Archery practice kits all feature bullet point arrows.


Any of the above-discussed bows can make the best youth bows for your kid; it all depends on the purpose, weight, and age and height. It’s pretty easy to develop exceptional skills if they are trained from a young age.

With the list we have, you can still pick your own but our pick for you is any of the best youth recurve bow. The products we have only discussed above have their pros over the other.

Picking the best youth compound bow, best recurve bow for beginners and the likes, best youth hunting bow, best youth crossbow on the market, it all depends on you, as a parent; on what you think best fit your child.