6 deer hunting scent control tips 2020

Do you know your body scent or those from your hunting gears can be the reason for your poor hunting performances? Oh! You have never thought of that, especially if you are a deer hunter. I guess you have not done your research to the fullest. This page on deer hunting scent control tips will help you know more about hunting.

Deer is one of the animals that is blessed with high smelling sense. Once a deer perceives any strange smell, it will become quite difficult for a hunter to hunt down such deer. It is the reason hunters should do all necessary to get rid of the scent.

How can you control scent for deer hunting?

The lists below will help you on how you can have a pleasing hunting performance without any side effect from scents.

  • Avoid smoking, chewing or vaping

One of the things you should never before or when you are in the hunting site is smoking, chewing, or vaping. Those are a red flag to deer, and you will never see them within your reach to kill them. So if you smoke before going to hunt, you should spray yourself with scent killer to eliminate the smell.

Doing any of the three things listed above simply means you are not ready for hunting for the day. Once you can do away with them, you have increased your chance of having a good day to remember.

  • Your hunting clothes

The next thing you should pay attention to is your hunting clothes. Some do make the mistake of leaving their hunting clothes till after the next hunting outing before they wash. That is a very bad deed from a hunter. You should always wash your hunting clothes immediately after each hunting trip.

Your clothes can harbor many things such as bloodstain and many others, and they can end up giving a bad odor if you fail to wash off. You should get the right hunting soap or detergent and wash your clothes with it. Keep it dry and then store in a clean place till your next hunting trip.

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  • Wear rubber boots

I wouldn’t advise that you opt for a leather boot if you are the type that hunts every day. It will be very difficult and challenging to wash your boot every day after hunting trips. So, in this kind of situation, the best you should consider is a rubber boot.

With a rubber boot, you can easily wash away all dirt, spray the boot with scent remover spray and then leave somewhere open to dry before the next day for hunting.

  • Pay attention to your hygiene

Your hygiene is very important to you and not to your hunting lifestyle alone. If you are a hunter, you should always have your bath before you head out for any hunting trip. Hunting is fun only when the necessary things are in place.

Take your bathe regularly. You should bathe before going for hunting, and after hunting, you should bathe. It will help you to keep proper hygiene, which will, in the long run, influence your hunting performance as long as you desire to be a great hunter.

  • Pay attention to what you eat

Another thing that you need to consider is the food you eat. If you take a delicious meal before going to your hunting site, you should ensure the smell hasn’t taken over your clothing. Have you ever perceived the scent of the meal you finished long ago on your body? I have witnessed several times, and that is why I can tell about it.

So, if you are going to hunt, you should avoid food that is odiferous as they can leave their odor behind for a longer period. And if you, by any means, take such a meal, you should brush your teeth and wash your mouth before setting out for hunting.

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  • Eliminate environmental scent

If you can easily eliminate odor from your body, the next you should consider is the environment. i.e., the hunting site. You need to make use of a high-quality scent killer machine. Some are designed for such a task, and you will find them in the market. We have the list of them on our post titled best scent killer for hunting, and we advise you read and make the right selection from there.


If you are interested in hunting deer and you do want to have the best hunting performance, we have the best tips for you on this page. The deer hunting scent control tips we have gives all you need to have a successful hunting experience.