How to bow hunt from the ground

Hunting from a tree-stand is a common hunting approach these days, but some people who want to adopt the attitude of bowhunting from the ground just like the old days. In that case, all our focus on this article will be channeled to how to bow hunt from the ground. Before we proceed, let’s take a glance at essential gears and accessories that you must take along with you for bow hunting.

Accessories needed for bow-hunting deer

How to bow hunt from the ground

Hunting Bow: Before any other thing, your hunting bow is the first hunting accessory, you must never forget to take along on your hunting trip. However, you can decide to go for longbows to have a feeling of the olden days’ hunt. You can ask well to opt for modern bows like compound bows or crossbows.

Arrows: Check to see that your arrows match with the weight of your bow and draw length.

Broad-heads: the blades are sharp enough to pierce through the animal’s skin at a hit.

Other accessories: Don’t forget to take your arrow-rests, quivers, as well as release-aids with you.

Backpack: To keep all the hunting gears packed and secured while going out for the hunt.

Now let’s get to the main point. That is the tips for bow-hunting deer from the ground.

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Tips For Bow-hunting Deer from the Ground

Natural Blinds

Most of these animals to be hinting are about five times better than us and can see from a very far distance. With that, they become a somewhat big deal to catch. Nevertheless, it is still very much possible to hunt them down without making the animal perceive any danger.

The best bet is that you hide behind bushes while maintaining a posture that will not trigger the animal’s attention. Be sure to stay in a position that lets you have a clear shot as well.

Notice the Direction of the Blowing Wind

A whole lot of people might not see much importance in this part, but it’s an excellent tip to put into consideration to keep your target in sight. The direction from which the wind is blowing plays a pivotal role in having a smooth hunting experience.

One thing you must always take into account when hunting from the ground is if the wind is blowing in your face or not. Should the deer blow upwind of you, then there is everything tendency that your target will perceive your easily and won’t think twice before going out of sight and reach.

That’s why it’s better to position oneself downwind from where the target might be coming from. Since you will be doing more of hunting from the ground, this tip is will be very helpful for a smooth hunt.

No Movement at all

Nothing provokes more than see your target dash out of sight before you even prepare to aim at them. One thing that creates the alertness in them is when they notice any strange movement. If anyone average deer has a vision ranges between 250-270 degrees, then you should know that they and sight yours from a very far distance.

That is to say, and they tend to detect movements in a twinkle of an eye. The simple rule here is ‘no movement.’ Try as much as possible to minimize your reason to move an inch. Sit or lay still and wait for the prime moment to aim at your target.

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Camo Up Yourself

It has been confirmed that an average can also capture shades of blue and yellow but cannot capture the entire color spectrum. This is no doubt a good point for hunters to take advantage of for smooth hunting from the ground. For easy hunting from the ground, be sure to take along with you a camouflage clothing and a face mask.

This way, it’ll be difficult for deer to spot you this giving you enough room to concentrate on shooting at them. If hunting from the ground is your preferred approach, then you need camo clothing to ensure for an easy hunt. Mind you, and it’s best that you go for the once that comes with no scent.

Check Out the Location

Another important tip to work by is to check out the location of where you intend hunting since the terrain and vegetation may vary. You should carry out some research to know the maximum number of deer that comes at a particular location.

Make sure you check beyond the limited acres of areas because the deer may eventually not take the exact route regularly as presumed. In that case, what’s best is that you check through the surroundings of where you can hunt more deer.

Travel Corridors

The penultimate tip for an easy bowhunting from the ground is to learn of the animals’ travel corridors. These are referred to as the paths which the animals take once in a while. As aforementioned, you shouldn’t expect that your targets will always take the same route all the time.

Besides, animals’ travel corridors may vary from their species, class, or family. It may be woodland confined by open a grassy waterway or grasslands. Doing a proper checking of your hunting ground will provide for a vast knowledge of your target and the surroundings.

Correct Timing

Last but not least, check out for the hour at which the deer move. It may vary as well, but the time of the day at which they move is almost similar. So, if you can check the time and movement of the deer thoroughly, then you will not face any difficulty.


If you are starting on how to bow hunt from the ground, this may seem tedious, but if you can go through all the tips mentioned earlier, then you won’t have any difficulty hunting down your target as fast as possible. Mind you, to get better at hunting, the place of constant practice cannot be neglected.

You must always practice boosting your archery skills. What’s more, study your hunting surroundings and don’t rush in for anything while hunting. Take your time and be calm. Happy Hunting!