How to shoot a bow and arrow accurately – Beginners Guide

Some see hunting as fun while some as a profession. Whichever way you see it, you need a quality bow and arrow to perform excellently. Some do think hunting or shooting with a bow is easier to do with just laying hands on the bow.

To Perform very well, you need to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow accurately.

How to shoot a bow and arrow accurately?

There are two different ways in which a person can shoot a bow and arrow. We have the instinctive way of shooting, and the other type of shot is through the use of a bow sight.

Instinctive shooting

How to shoot a bow and arrow accurately
This is the type of shot that involves the use of one’s skills and experience. If you’ve ever seen a person that shoots an arrow at a target and did not miss an inch without the use of an influencer such as bow sights or peep sights, such is called instinctive shooting.

It simply means the act of shooting at a target without using any bow sight to enhance one’s shooting performance. This kind of shooting can be found among the experts who have garnered a lot of experience with shooting an arrow with a bow without using a bow sight.

They can accurately shot at a target without missing. This kind is quite difficult for beginners which is why it is never advisable for a beginner to start hunting quest without practicing or shooting with a bow sight in place.

How to aim a bow without a sight

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This can be difficult to do for beginners, but that doesn’t mean you should never give it a trial. If you want to aim a bow without the use of sight, you should do a lot of practice using any of the archery targets you have. In such a situation, you have to give your full attention and overlook any form of distraction while trying to shoot the arrow.

Bow sight enhanced shooting

How to shoot a bow and arrow accurately
This kind of shot is attributed to students and beginners who are new to hunting or archery. It involves the use of any type of bow sight either a multi bow sight or a single pin bow sight.

For a starter, a single pin bow sight is the best option as it will save you the stress of choosing the right pin for the moment. Advanced shooters can make use of multi-pin sight once they have the knowledge on how to change pin depending on the hunting requirement.

When the bow sight is positioned on the bow, it helps the hunter to aim at the target accurately thereby ensuring the shot is precise without any chance of missing an inch.

Now that you have known a different kind of shooting, let’s consider how effective it is with the types of bows with our focus on the compound bow and recurve bow.

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How to aim a compound bow

A compound bow operation involves the use of a pulley to propel an arrow towards the aimed target at a reasonable speed. The bottom line is that the compound bow is somewhat faster than some of the conventional bows.

Without further ado, let’s consider how to aim a compound bow without appearing like a novice even if it is your first time of handling a compound bow.

Warm up and get prepared

You need to get your whole body ready for the task. This can be done by getting involved in some light warm-up session that won’t wear your muscles out.

Pick a shooting stance

Mind you, and if you have any balance issue, you are likely to miss out on your target. You must ensure you get a balance position as it will enhance your performance. Stand with your two legs separated and ensure they are not too far from each other.

Grasp the bow

Grasp the bow in an upright position and ensure you have it at your weakest hand. It means if you are a right-handed hunter, you should have the bow on your left hand and vice versa.

Draw the bow using the string

Now that you have the bow on your hand, you should draw the arrow you have using the string on the bow, and you need to get a perfect anchor point to shoot accurately.

Shot the arrow

The next action to take is to shot the arrow to hit the target. How to aim a compound bow without a peep sight? You can make use of a bow sight or go with the instinctive style of shooting. It is not essential to use a peep sight, but it will surely enhance your accuracy in shooting.

Trace your arrow

If you have learned how to shoot a compound bow and you have released the shaft to its target, it is essential that you do a follow up by tracing the arrow.

How to shoot a recurve bow

The next type of bow you should look into is a recurve bow.


You should focus on your positioning as it determines your performance most times. You need to stand upright to shoot. Make sure you have your legs separated from each other to have the right balance.

Preparing for the shot

Grasp you bow with your weakest hand as explained in the compound bow section. Lift up the recurve bow so that it will level with your shoulder height. With this position, you are ready to draw the bow.

Draw the bow

The next step is to draw the bow. Insert the arrow and then draw the bow till you get your anchor point.

Take aim and release

How to aim a recurve bow is more comfortable if you can follow all the details above. You have to focus and aim with your dominant eye if you are doing it instinctively, but you can as well make use of peep sights or bow sights.


We do hope we have been able to serve you well on how to shoot a bow and arrow accurately. The first step to being the best hunter is by using any of the quality bow and arrow in the market.