10 tips for hunting black bear in 2020

If you are interested in hunting black bear, then you must be ready for what is getting into. It is not as easy as hunting deer or other animals because the black bear does see humans as potential food. Bear hunting requires lots of skills and experience, which is why it is not for the fainthearted.

To get on with other hunters to hunt black bears, there are essential things that you need to know. Knowledge is power as it’s been said, and that is true to all life application. So, here are some things you should know to help you hunt black bears without any issue.

Tips on bear hunting for beginners

  • Get the right bait

The first step to hunt a bear is to get that which is most exciting to them. Do your research to know what black bear feed on. Of course, you should know they feed on flesh. So place the bait near a trail regularly used by bears. The best way to find out is to use a trail camera which will help you know where, how, and when bears come around the trail for food.

  • Use bear feces

Just in case you do not know, black bears are the most blessed animal with high smelling sense. They can smell and perceive their food. One of the ways they do that is through the smell of their feces. They trace their feces to their food. So, as a black bear hunter, you should cultivate the idea of putting their feces near the bait to help you have the best hunting experience.

  • Get in the stand early

The best hour for black bear hunting is in the evening, but you can also hunt in the afternoon by using the bait. In such a case, you should get to your stand early. Getting to your stand will allow you to settle and have a proper plan on how you can kill the bear. Most times, it is your preparation and how early you get to the hunting site that determines your performance for the day.

  • Use scent killer

Just as said earlier, a black bear has a high sense of smell. Therefore, you should get rid of every odour that could serve as a signal to the bear. There are many scent killer machine and sprays you can use. Some can be used on the environment as well to eliminate both hunter and environmental odour. Just choose the one that is best for you from the list here.

  • Use spray attractant

There is some scent attractant that you will find in the market for bear hunting. All you need is to get them and spray around where you want the bear. It is the best means as it can be seen as another bait method. Once the spray is released, you have to retire back to your ground blind and wait for them to fall into the trap.

  • Stay calm

It is normal to be excited when you see bears approaching after all you have done, such as using spray or bait. But if you are not careful and patient, you can end up missing on your shot, and you are likely to lose the bear. So, it would help if you stayed calm. Let the bear relax and get used to the environment, ensure you have an accurate target before shooting.

  • Get your rifle ready with bullets intact

You are likely to fail with hunting bears if you have to wait until bears come around before you hunt them. So, as a good hunter, you should get all the necessary things done. Get the calibres in the gun, get it ready to shoot and sit while you wait for the bear. Waiting can be tiring, so you can make the waiting exciting by challenging yourself to get a better outcome for the day.

  • Shoot the 8 inches region on the heart and lung area

Bears are not just part of the animals that you can shoot anywhere. You need to know where you will shoot a bear carefully, and the best place is between the heart and lungs. Those are vital organs that will weaken the bear. Shooting the head or shoulder is a waste of time because they are durable and can prevent bullet penetration to the point that it can affect the bear.

  • Trace down the trail

When you shoot a black bear, some are strong that they can try and run after been shot. You should take your time and trace down the trail by following the blood on the floor. Well, that is not too certain you can find the bear because the fat composition in their body makes it easy for blood to clot. So the best for hunters is to shoot and kill without any chance to run.

  • Get a game cart

An average bear will weight close to 200 pounds which is quite heavy for you to carry. So you must get the right game cart to move the bear from hunting site to where you have your car parked. The game cart makes it easy for you to move your bear from one place to another and we have a post to sort any issue on that for you here.
Furthermore, you should get the best weapons. Ensure they are in good condition before you set out for hunting.

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Here are ten of the tips you need to know about hunting black bear. There are techniques to bear hunting, and those above are some you should know. We hope this will help you have an enjoyable hunting experience on your next outing.