Nine (9) Best Archers of All Time

In every profession and endeavors of life, there are people of great accolades, people of the outstanding landmark.

archeryThese are the kind that has gone extra miles to receive additional recognition, people that must be reckoned with in the world of their chosen professions.

Archery profession is not left out among the business that has gifts of the world in their respective histories. There are a lot of outstanding archers who had done so wonderfully well and cannot be forgotten so easily.

They are amiable inspiration for young archers, their success and records conveys the message to a young generation of archers that it is possible to scale the peak of their profession.

Now we will be looking at these achievers, the nine (9) best archers of all time.

Lars Anderson

Lars Anderson was born on the 8th November 1964 which means at 2018 he is a 54 year old man. He is Danish, i.e. a native of Denmark; he is a private student of Otto.

He graduated from visual art. Frello his master lived between the dates April 6 1924, and March 24, 2015. He was a Danish painter, graphic artist, cartoonist, and illustrator.

So Anderson is a Danish painter and archer. He is known to be the archer with the highest speed of shooting in the world record. There is no doubt that archery is a combination of both physical and mental capacity.

Anderson was able to fulfill this as he could make use of hold technique like holding multiple arrows in his draw hand shooting from the right side of the bow.

He was able to use this technique to shoot three arrows in 0.6 seconds accurately. It is well known that it is not presently believable that this will be challenged in the nearest future.

At the same time he was able to shoot ten (10) arrows accurately in 4.9 seconds. His video that was released on YouTube on 23 January 2015 demonstrates that he shoots multiples arrows while on the move, jumping, close-up, far away and hanging upside down.

Also, in his video that was released on YouTube in 2017, he demonstrated his ability to shoot arrows that will turn during the period of its flight. Wow! This man is wonderful.

He will shoot an arrow that will travel around a corner without hitting any object on the way. This is incredible!. He can launch an arrow out of midair.

He can hit multiple targets even while on a motorcycle. He can launch an arrow at 50 yards and launch the second one even before the first arrow finishes its flight.

Howard Hill

archeryHe was born as Lemuel Howard Hill in Wilsonville Alabama USA on the 13th November 1899. He died in Birmingham USA on the 4th of February 1975 at the age of 75.

He got married to Elizabeth Hill from 1922 till his last breath. Hill grew up in the cotton farm of his father and had started shooting a bow from the age of four with the bow given to him by his father.

At the age of six, he received his homemade archery set and had been shooting vigorously and accurately since then. Hill was active for good two decades from 1930 – 1950.

He set a record of being the man shooting an arrow that travels to the longest distance in 1928, when His arrow traveled for 358 meters. That same year, he won his 196th field archery competition in a row.

As a bow hunter, he killed over 2,000 animals including 10,000-pound African bull-elephant with his longbow. And it was recorded that no white man has ever killed such a big animal with a bow.

Hill enjoys challenging task like shooting a small object from a very long distance, standing on one leg and shooting accurately and also with shooting with his feet while lying down.

Hill had won many prizes and awards both locally and internationally. He was widely recognized when it comes to archery. He is known to be the world greatest archer.

He wrote several books on archery, not only that he was an actor and did over one score of films and documentaries.

Yue Fei


Yue Fei was a Chinese general, who was born on the 24th March 1103 and died on the 27 January 1142. He lived during the Southern Song dynasty, and he served between the years 1122 and 1142 in the Song –Jin wars.

His family name was Yue while his name was Fei. He was named Fei meaning ‘Fly’ because at the time of his birth. A large bird-like swam landed on the roof of their house.

A great lesson to be learned in the life of Yue Fei was that, after the demise of his teacher, he never seized offering sacrifice on the tomb of his teacher. This emphatically portrays loyalty.

He was attending school till the death of his father then he had to join the army. History made us understand that he had supernatural power and even before his adulthood.

He was able to draw the 180kg bow, 580kg crossbow. He learned archery from Zhou Tong. Fei could shoot with his both left and right hands.

In an examination, He won the first place by shooting a succession of nine arrows through the bull eye of a target 240 space away. Wonderful! Yue Fei was an army general that can never be forgotten in the history of china, and now he has his name in the hall fame of archery.

Fred Bear

Fred Bear was born on the 5th of March 1902 in Pennsylvania into the family of three children where he was the second. Bear was an American.

Early in his life, he was working as a glue maker for a company in Detroit. The company caught fire and he was rendered unemployed in the year 1929 – 1933, His partner that was also working in the company that got burnt were able to contribute $1200 to start up a bow business in 1933.

He started his involvement in archery at the age of 29. He was known to be a pioneer in the bowhunting community of America. And as soon as the government approved bow hunting and bow sport, their business experiences rapid growth.

Bear Museum was established in Michigan in the year 1967, and this museum was established in Michigan in the year 1967. This museum was known as the most extensive private held collection of archery artifacts in the world.

Because of his love in archery, he was well known as a bow manufacturer, bow hunter, author, and television host. He was a great archer and hunter that can never be forgotten, and he died in Florida on 27th April 1988 at the age of 86.[/thrive_icon_box]

Justin Huish


His full name is Justin grant Huish. He was born in California America on the 9th of January 1975. What made him be enlisted in this list was that he is the one and only man to win two gold medals in the same competition in the history of archery.

This happened during the 1996 Olympic in Atlanta, and he won both individual and team gold medal. He started shooting at the age of 14, and he had started winning medals since the age of 17.

His outstanding performance in Atlanta 96 was what encouraged actress Gena Davis also to start the game of archery.

Jang Yong Ho


One of the nations with the most talented archers is South Korea. And amidst these archers in the history of the country, Jang Yong Ho stands out.

This right-handed man that lives in Seoul was born on the 4th of April 1976. He represents South Korea in man’s archery competition.

This talented man holds the record of 90 meters with a score of the 338-point shoot in the New York world championship in 2003. He wonderfully shot one single arrow outside the gold ring. In the Olympic Games, he won team silver in Atlanta 1996.

He won his team gold in Athens 2004 and Sydney 2000 respectively. In Asian game, he won team gold in Doha 2006. In world championships, he won individual bronze in Victoria 1997.

He has a more lasting career than most of the Korean archers. He made his first national team appearance in 1991and as at 2013, and he was still active.

John Stubbs

John Stubbs does not need much introduction to the world of archery. He was a Paralympian archer that was born on the 12th of July 1965, and he is an English man.

He won a gold medal in men particular compound of Beijing 2008. From the tear 2003 to 2004, he received many accolades. He is known to be the most successful archer, he is a right-handed man, his arrows are 28” long, and his draw weight is 60 lbs.

He had celebrated his 20 years on Team GB. One of his fascinating words is ‘Archery is just a sport where you compete against yourself.

It can give you that inner confidence to realize that, you might have some form of disability or ailment or whatever, but it does not stop you from picking your bow and competing against yourself.

Kim Soo-Nyung

The game or profession of archery is not meant for men alone. Women also find their way in this profession.

In South Korea, women are very versatile in this game. Out of them is one world class woman who is internationally recognized for her remarkable performance and achievement.

Her name is Kim Soo-Nyung and her nickname is a viper. She lives in South Korea, a right-handed woman. In 1988 Seoul game Kim was a very notable archer in the Korean team.

At the age of 17, Kim won a gold medal, and in 1989 she won a double gold medal. Even in 1991 world championship, she came out with flying color.

She was born on April 5 1971, and she had won four gold medals.  She also won two consecutive world championships. She is known to be the most decorated Olympian in Korean history.

She is married with two children. Above all, Kim Soo-Nyung was named the female archer of the 20th century by the International Archery Federation (FITA) in the year 2011.

Darrell Owen Pace

archeryDarrell Pace was born on 23rd October 1956, and he is an American. In 2011, he was declared as the men’s of an archer for 20th century by international Archery Federation. At the age of 16, he has been setting his pace in the archery arena.

Throughout his career, he was able to break many records. He won the world title in the years 1975 and 1979, 1978 and 1980, what an excellent archer.

He won an Olympic gold medal in 1976. Darrell O Pace Park in Ohio was named after him. Darrell was able to hold the total FITA world record for fourteen good years, raising the record a total of 71 points in five years.

During his career, he won a total of eleven medals of which eight are gold, and two are silver and one bronze. He is as well-known as USA’s greatest target archer, and he was the world top archer in 1970s.

His quote goes thus “I can be talking to a competitor who is a friend, but when they blow the whistle, and I go to the line, I say ‘he is not going to beat me.

I will not let him beat me”. He as well said, master long distance and other distance will follow which is the advice to young archers.