Top Ten (10) Apps for Passionate Hunters

Hunting is an earnest and highly skills demanding work and it need special attention for it to be done properly. Gone are the days when hunting was very tedious and risky, its success was even unpredictable then.

But in this our modern age, hunting is now easier with the breakthrough of technology known as hunting apps. We all know that preparation or planning is essential before embarking on any adventure.

Therefore, in this regard, we could see a clear-cut difference between the hunting in the olden days and that of this our present age.

It is not that they do not prepare before they go for hunting then, but the mode of preparation is different. Technology has provided us with enough applications that are suitable for hunting.

So this article will be introducing us to the best ten (10) applications that are helpful for hunting in this our present days.

Are you a passionate beginner or advanced hunter? Just sit back and read through this article that will facilitate your hunting career.

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hunting appsAfter knowing and choosing the area you want to go for your hunting, it very imperative for you to know in detail the accurate weather condition of the area.

Why this? The weather of the place is determines the level of survival of any organism in the area; it also affects the ecology of the place.

Parts of weather elements are rainfall, sunlight, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, temperature, etc.

So with the help of this hunting app known as ACCUWEATHER, you can relax in your bed and ascertain the necessary facts about the weather condition of the place as part of your preparation.

The good news about this application is that you don’t need to be a weather expert before using this app to forecast the weather of the place.

It is straightforward to use as you just need to follow the guideline to install and use.


hunting apps The most dangerous happening in hunting is for you to go into hunting and fail to know your way back to your destination. So the panacea to this is the major function of this app.

The app enables you to fully know the entry and exit out of the place where you want to hunt.

Other functions of this hunting apps include the following; it has a map that you can customize to your own need and put the marker of your choice, you can as well measure any distance on the map.

It is also very social, and you can use it to locate your friends that are hunting, you can as well use it to update your friends on recent or trending events about your work.

This app has almost sixty-seven (67) icons that help you to enjoy its features the more.


hunting appsIn case you don’t know where to find your preys as a hunter, or as a beginner, you don’t know which way to go for your hunting, the GOOGLE EARTH hunting apps is the right answer to your question and imagination.

It is an amazing app that when properly used it gives you the location of your prospective preys and also help you know their standpoints. It also helps you to know some special terrain features like pinch points, funnels, etc.


hunting appsIf you are a learner in the world of archery or you are gradually getting the techniques of being a good archer, you are highly in need of this excellent app.

You make use of this app to have great confidence in your bow and skills. It can be used to determine if your bow is working properly.

You can use it to determine your arrow’s speed and kinetic energy; it also helps you save hotspots, so that you can usually get back to your tree stand early in the morning. This hunting apps can only be used on iPhone.


hunting appsHunting is very tedious work, and for you to avoid some accidents and casualties to the barest minimum, this app is a must-have app for you.

Irrespective of your level of mastery in hunting, this hunting apps is a very crucial one. As the name implies, its major function is delivered for your survival while hunting.

It comprises a lot of videotapes that provides you a lot of survival tips, at the same time it has photo gallery embedded with the pictures of knots and animal tracts which provides basic information on these animals, most especially how wild they are.

This photo gallery also has pictures of numerous plants that you can never imagine, how edible, poisonous, and medicinal they are.


hunting appsThis is an app that gives you the exact time you can go on fishing and hunting, and it provides you with the time of activities of these animals, it also gives calendar for solunar data.

You can as well check the sunrise and sunset times. It also gives you their feeding pattern; in fact, it has the capacity of predicting the weather.

In short, this is the app that provides you the detail of every activity of your prospective preys about their respective weather conditions.

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This app is known to be the most suitable app for simple mapping. It does not have any special feature than mapping.

It is the best app for mapping unlike hunt stand, and its sole work is mapping. It has a great map of both public and private lands, and over 400 layers to accomplish a variety of tasks.

It as well enables you to see the topography of the area in the map through topographic lines on an aerial photograph. You can as well create your waypoint on it for easy navigation.

And lastly, this map can enable you to save your map for offline use so that you will not have any difficulty when you are in need of a map when there is no data to use.


hunting appsThis is an app that helps you prepare for your next adventure; it helps you know the weather in your location by using the GPRS on your phone or PC.

This makes you forecast the weather condition of the game you want to hunt.

I can say that scout look is the light version of hunts and it performs virtually all the function of hunts only that hunts and is more sophisticated than this app.


hunting appsThis is the best app for beginners and our young generation, it is the app that makes them see hunting as a lovely work and they find it fascinating to use.

Because this app is accurate, interesting and fun to use, it uses an animated deer with accurate anatomy to track every shot you make per time.

All that you have to do is to use this app to position yourself and the deer representing the game very well for better hunting.

This will help you calculate the distance between you and the game, the angles through the body of the game will also be determined using the deer in the app as the illustrator. Shoot once you are satisfied with the target location.

This app is very accurate, and from your shot, you can easily get the information on the blood loss and time of the death of the animal from the app. isn’t it fascinating?

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As a hunter you are expected to know that both domestic and wild animals have sounds that are unique to every one of their species.

For instance, dog barks, cat mews, cow moose, camel grunts, etc. The fact is that camel is not the only animal that grunts, but even though we have series of animals that grunt, their grunting is still different.

So for you to save yourself of the stress of sounds made by animals, this app is the one that helps you out.

The app is saddled with the responsibility of detecting the respective sounds of these animals for better hunting.

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You need not to stress yourself on how to go about on better hunting in this age of technology revolution. All you need to do is to get your Android device, iPhone, PC or any other compatible device to download these hunting apps. Enjoy your app!